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Range test for my HK USP expert

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by theTactician, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. hi guys, just wanna share to you my new HK USP expert 40 caliber. I went to the range and gave it a try. the gun was pretty solid yet feels lightweight and the trigger pull when in single action mode was really as they say it is...very light. The sights needed no adjustment. Just the mastery of the gun by the owner is required to get accurate shots..unfortunately, i still dont have that mastery yet of my HK USP expert, it may take hundreds of rounds before i can tame it but on my first day at the range here are my results. Not quite impressive but i guess, there's really indeed potential with the gun..

    using fiocchi 40 cal 180 grain ammo on my HK USP expert, just shooting randomly and doing some double taps first at 21 yards...


    then at 50 yards...


    then at 75 yards, cant put it all in the alpha though, human error.


    then retried again at 50 yards...


    here's a picture of my HK USP expert..


    pictures of my two babies...glock 38 45 gap and HK USP expert 40...

  2. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    What's important at 75 yards is that it could still deliver hits to the target. I noticed a ring at the tip of the barrel. Is it the rubber o-ring that supposedly helps the pistol to be accurate?

  3. yes sir. its the patented O-ring of HK. it's located on the distal part of the muzzle and it provides enhanced accuracy by holding the barrel tightly in the slide during firing and actually absorbs the shock load groing through the pistol at the time of ignition. So with the O ring you have a metal to rubber to metal contact as compared to the tight bushing systems,metal to metal contact of the 1911 pistols. the o ring is capable of withstanding hazards such as wind, sand and grit thrown by the environment to it.
    I do have 4 spare O-rings that came with the gun. According to the dealer, it takes thousands of rounds before i actually change an O ring. Other USP pistols equipped with this O ring are the USP tactical, Mark 23 and the USP elite.:)