Range report new Gen 4 G26...

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by bunk22, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. ....meh, not much to say, 200 rounds, 0 malfunctions, no BTF, typical boring Glock function :yawn:

    100 rounds of Federal 115gr FMJ
    50 rounds of Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ
    25 rounds of HST 147gr JHP
    25 rounds of Ranger 127gr +p+ JHP

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  2. tedwhite

    Millennium Member

    Mine is so boring I sometimes fall asleep while shooting it.

  3. :supergrin: Gotta love a gun that goes bang every time!
  4. Boring is good.
    I am quite happy with my new G26, though it is a Gen3.
    I have been shooting Glocks for 20 years, and it took me this long to finally buy a 26.
    I'm glad I did.
  5. I'm gone

    I'm gone at the track

    1800+ rounds through my gen4 and no problems, love it!
  6. Very glad to hear :cool:
  7. This is my 3rd Gen 4 Glock and though this one only has 200 rounds, they have been flawless. I shouldn't have sold my Gen 4 G19 but I still have my G17. I'm liking this G26 so far.
  8. Congrats! That's the next model on my wish list!

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