Range etiquette for carrying

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by fischgreg, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. I'm a member of two ranges: the Izaac Walton League of America and the NRA Headquarters range. The IWLA doesn't allow open or concealed carry on the property and as far as I know, you cannot practice draw and fire drills. The NRA range is good with either and you are welcome to practice draw and fire to your heart's content... which I do every time I am there (which is usually every two weeks).

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    The rest of my handguns are unloaded in a black plastic case, BTW.

  3. Gallium


    None of these things particularly apply to ranges with motorized target carriers.
  4. Man reading this thread makes me thank god I live somewhere where i can drive 20 minutes out to the wilderness (BLM land) and do whatever I want without any bedwetter policies like no drawing from a holster.
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    +1 :thumbsup:
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  7. At my small local outdoor range, we shoot from under a pavilion with concrete floor,maybe 75' long or so. The longer range target stands are out on the left (for rifle) and handgun backstop at 25 yards on the right. I usually take a small target stand, and place it out to the right of that for closer pistol work.

    If there's someone else there shooting, and I'm ready to change my target, I wait for a lull in the gunfire, yell over to the others, "Are we all clear?" and wait for consensus. "Got yer ears on?" is another good line before shooting.

    No need to hurry, my ammo's all gone too fast anyway!

    Carry? AFAIK anything goes.

    Indoor range is the opposite extreme: organized IDPA practice with rather strict safety rules. All pistols on a bench facing the wall when owner is not taking his turn at the targets.

    When someone finishes a stage, SO calls out "Range is clear!"

    Carry here? Cased and unloaded, until time to shoot your stage. Drawing is part of IDPA game, so that's allowed.
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  8. Three guns on the table. One holstered CC, and the other two came in a backpack. After shooting I reholster my CC and put the other two in the backpack.

    Not sure what the rules are. No one has ever confronted me about it.

  9. Which BLM land is still open for shooting? I know the Puerco was cracking down on it, and if you get caught in Indian land, even by accident you can kiss your guns goodbye

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    I shoot at Fort Bliss. The Army's extensive rules say nothing about carry, only that you have to clear all weapons before entering the club house. Guess they just haven't thought of that yet.

    Played tag with BLM for a while. The NMSP had an unofficial site just over the state line, lots of people used it till BLM blocked it off. A million square miles of "Fort Stinkindesert" and if word gets out that somebody's having fun somewhere, the feds crack right down on that.
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  11. .......is my back yard. I couldn't stand having to find another place to shoot. Country boy and intend to keep it that way!
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    What rules would you implement if you had folks over to shoot. A man living in isolation is great. As soon as the # of shooters at the same time >1 you need some sort of set of protocols to deal with everything, or anything.

    That is the question here, not how cool it is to have a backyard range.
  13. RPVG

    I shot at Shoot Straight (in Apopka) yesterday. Gonna try their Casselberry range next week.
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    That's good for you, sir.
  15. Mediconi....I live close to the Ojito Wilderness. In general, there are no firearm related restrictions on BLM land except for specific designated no shooting areas. If they ever change that
    ...I'll leave.
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    I can shoot .22 CB caps in my back yard here in VT. The neighbors will complain if I start shooting my 9mm.

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