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Radio traffic and transcript of LV Metro CCWer shooting

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by jpa, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. jpa

    jpa CLM

    May 28, 2001
    Las Vegas NV
    Sounds like Costco really stepped in it....someone transcripted and recorded the audio from's live scanner page.
    Link to Audio file

    Dispatcher: Units in V3, a 413 at Costco, 801 S. Pavillion Center. The male is inside the business to the rear of, has a 413 that's tucked into the back of his pants. We're still landline. (6:53)

    K916: K916 back on channel. (7:03)

    D: K916 (7:04)

    AIR5: AIR5, we're going to go to the Costco first. (7:11)

    D: AIR5, copy. (7:14)

    2X12: 2X12 (7:20)

    D: 2X12 (7:21)

    2X12: You can disregard the air unit, I see customers coming out (related to a seperate 407A) (7:25)

    D: 2X12 copy. K914, if you could be en route with AIR5 on the 413 at Costco in V3, 801 S. Pavillion Center. (7:35)

    K916: K916, you can assign me as well. (7:42)

    D: K916, copy. (7:44)

    D: 2V16, if you'll also be en route on the 413 at Costco, 801 S. Pavillion Center. The male inside the business is acting erratic, throwing merchandise around, possibly high on unknown type of 446. (8:03)

    2V16: 2V16 copy, from the Suncoast. (8:07)

    D: 2V16, they are requesting CIT. Male is possibly ED. 767, did you copy? (8:16)

    767: Put me en route to that please. (8:19)

    D: 767. (8:21)

    2DP62: 2DP62, clear me and show me en route. (8:25)

    D: 2DP62. (8:26)

    767: 767 (8:37)

    D: 767. (8:38)

    767: Go ahead and have medical en route also, just to stand by for us. (8:41)

    D: 767, copy. (8:42)

    2V55: 2V55, can you clear me B-baker and show me en route to Costco. (8:53)

    D: 2V55, affirmative. (8:56)

    2V16: 2V16 en route code. (8:58)

    D: 2V16 (9:00)

    2V55: 2V55, same traffic. (9:04)

    D: 2V55 (9:05)

    351WC: 351. (9:11)

    D: 351 (9:12)

    351WC: Have those units shut down code when they get close. Let's not get this guy more exicted than he already is. (9:18)

    D: 351, copy. Units, shut down code when you get close to the Costco. (pause) (9:23)

    D: Units en route on the 413 at Costco, 801 S. Pavillion Center, suspect's described as a White male, 32, 5'8, medium build, red hair, wearing a gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes, break. A black 9MM is tucked to the rear of his pants. (pause) (9:53)

    D: 767, could you advise where you'd like medical to stage for now? (10:46)

    767: Just have them stage, uh to the nearest intersection to that Costco. If you could have them not roll code, that'd be great also. (10:57)

    D: 767 copy. Did you want other units to shut down code? (11:02)

    767: I just want everybody to shut it down before they get close to that area; I don't want to spook this guy. (11:08)

    D: Okay, copy. All units, justs reminding to shut down code when you get close to the area. (11:13)
    767: 767 (11:18)

    D: 767 (11:20)

    767: I need a few more units that could head to that area also, so that we can shut down that parking lot so that nobody goes in or out of there. (11:28)

    D: 767, copy. (11:31)

    2X12: 2X12, you can assign me. (11:33)

    D: 2X12 (11:35)

    2X65: 2X65, same traffic. (11:43)

    D: 2X65 (11:45)

    351WC: Control, 351, where's the CP going to be? (11:49)

    D: 767, can you advise? (11:54)

    767: I'm not even close to there right now, so if we have a unit that's in there that could set up one real quick, that'd be great. (12:01)

    2V54: 2V54, I'm arriving in the Costco parking lot, where do you want me? (12:07)

    D: 2V54, at this time uh, I guess heading up a CP. (12:16)

    AIR5: AIR5, did you have any further at all? (12:22)

    D: It looks like the subject is still inside the business, argumentative with the manager who asked him to leave, telling him there's no 413's allowed inside the business, break. The manager is a Green Beret and is allowed to carry a 413. He's throwing merchandise around; he's still in isle 126 in the camping area, break. He appears to be fidgety. A female joined the male. She's described as Hispanic, 30s, black long hair, wearing black tank and blue jeans. Security's going to be standing outside the business in front of, to wait for officers to direct, break. He's walking through the camping area towards the front of the business on the main isle. (13:18)

    2V54: 2V54, did you want me to stop people from going in the business? (13:22)

    D: Uh 767, that's affirmative. Stop in or out? (13:26)

    767: Affirm. (13:28)

    D: V54, affirmative, uh V54, did you want a red? (13:32)

    2V54: Hold off for a moment. (13:34)

    D: Okay, copy. (13:35)

    2X65: Control, 2X65 (13:37)

    D: 2X65 (13:38)

    2X65: Run this by the WC and Sarge. If we could get the management and employees to start slowly evacuating people out of the business without alerting anybody, that'd be a great idea. (13:50)

    351WC: Control, 351WC, absolutely. (13:53)

    D: Acknowledge that. (13:57)

    2V54: 2V54, manager says it's escalating inside and he's still talking loudly and destroying merchandise. (14:06)

    D: 2V54, copy. 2V54, are you able to get security started on exacuations? (14:14)

    2V54: Affirm (14:16)

    D: Okay, copy. (14:17)

    2V16: 2V16, I'm out with 2V54. (14:55)

    D: 2V16 (14:57)

    Unknown bit of traffic (14:59)

    D: All units, code red this channel. Officers arriving on the 413 at Costco, 801 S. Pavillion Center. (15:07)

    2V16: 2V16, we need units to clear these people out of here. We're attempting to evacuate right now; get as many people out as possible. (15:45)

    D: 2V16, copy. (15:47)

    351WC: 351WC, where's the CP? (16:45)

    D: Uh 2V54, can you advise location of CP? (16:50)

    AIR5: AIR5, they're both right in the front entrance to the store. (16:55)

    D: AIR5, copy. (16:57)

    784: 767, 784 I'm arrived. What can I help you out with? (17:07)

    767: You can set up the CP, that'd be great. (17:10)

    784: : Copy, I'll set one up. (17:15)

    AIR5: AIR5, are we still landline with anyone who has eyes on this guy, because there's a lot of people pouring out of the store. I just want to make sure he doesn't slip out. (17:28)

    2V16: We got 2 officers here at the front doors watching everybody come out. (17:36)

    D: 2V16, copy. AIR5, it looks like we're still landline. It looks like the male is still being watched by inside personnel due to him ripping open packages. They're concerned of a 414A. (17:49)

    2V16: Copy, we've got a very orderly evacuation going on right now. We'll try to get all these people out of here and then figure out what we're going to do next. (18:00)

    D: 2V16. (18:01)

    2V54: He's directly in the middle of the building. (18:08)

    D: Okay, copy. Confirming suspect's directly in the center of the building? (18:14)

    2V54: ___ isle. (18:16)

    D: You broke on the isle, could you re-advise? (18:20)

    784: 784, copy location for IC. (18:31)

    D: 784 (18:32)

    784: It's going to be set up at the northwest parking lot at the Red Rock Casino across Charleston. It'll be the Costco command. I'll be incident commander until the arrival of 351WC. (18:46)

    D: 784 copy. 351WC, incident command at northwest parking lot of Red Rock Casino across Charleston. (18:55)

    AIR5: Control, AIR5, we need 1 unit to take the north side of the Costco please, right off of Pavillion Center so they can keepy an eye on the back and the east side. (19:02)

    2V16: (yell) 2V16, we got shots fired, shots fired! (19:11)

    D: 2V16, copy. Anyone down? (19:12)

    2V16: Roll medical. (19:13)

    D: 2V16. (19:15)

    767: Go ahead and make the notifications. (19:19)

    2V16: Notify supervisor. (19:21)

    D: 2V16, copy. (19:22)

    351WC: 351WC, I'm arrived, south end of the building. Is it safe for everybody else to enter the building? (19:28)

    D: 2V16, can you advise? (19:30)

    2V16: He pulled a 413 and pointed it in my direction. (19:38)

    D: 2V16, copy. (19:40)

    767: 767, can yu go ahead and make your notifications, please? (19:43)

    D: 767, copy. (19:45)

    767: Shut that parking lot down, please. (19:47)

    D: Units arriving on the 413, shut down the parking lot. (19:51)

    AIR5: They've got him out front, they're taking him into custody. Hold the traffic. (19:57)

    D: AIR5, copy. Subject is out front, taking into custody. (20:01)

    767: 767, let's make sure nobody else exit's that Costco right now. We may need to pull witness statements. (20:17)

    D: 767, copy. Units, make sure no one else exits the Costco, they may need for witness purposes. (20:24)

    784: Copy that they're taking him into custody. We're going to move the CP closer to the Burger King directly across from the Costco. (20:35)

    D: Copy that, CP will be moving closer to the Burger King (20:39)
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    Oct 6, 2005

  3. The-Fly

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    Apr 27, 2005
    sounds like the guy was a real nut bag. Shame he makes the sane ccwers look bad, but at least the cops are ok.
  4. Yet, if you read the other threads, he was exemplary, this was a plant, a setup, etc., etc., etc.
  5. jpa

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    May 28, 2001
    Las Vegas NV
    As a little back story, there are a lot of conflicting witness statements as to his behavior when they were called and after he was confronted by police. The manager of Costco (the Green Beret?) is telling the calltaker the guy is possibly high and acting erratic tearing up the store and has a gun. People who say they were in the same aisle or next aisle over said they saw him putting water bottles in a cooler or backpack to see how many would fit. It seems like for every 5 people the police bring out who said he pointed a gun at the police, another 10 come out and said he was putting his hands up to surrender or at least complying with conflicting commands from several officers.

    He had a good job he was in no danger of losing, he had a girlfriend his father said he was planning to marry (who was with him at Costco that day), no known history of drug use or criminal record and no mental problems. Those are all the signs of going off the deep end that we look for, but there weren't any. Based on this alone, I think something stinks. Add in the fact that Metro is refusing to release the 911 call to the public (or the radio traffic) and Costco is delaying giving Metro the video from the store, it smells even worse.
  6. TBO

    TBO Why so serious? CLM

  7. Deployment Solu

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Waiting on the Video. Why would Costco delay getting video to the Police??? Wasn't the guy a West Point Grad?? Worked for his family delivering EMS???

    I will reserve my thoughts until more video is released.
  8. If you get a chance, take a look at some of the comments after the "8 News Now" story.......It should be interesting to see how this one turns out...Either way, as mentioned, it's sad for all involved........
  9. This is a classic example of why we hold comments until there is solid information. LE can provide the most basic of information to feed the ravenous media outlets and all sorts of stuff gets chinked into the cracks of the story.

    Do we have a possible mental-emotional? Do we have a man with a gun acting irrationally? Do we have a misunderstanding? Was the gun pointed at officers? Was it merely drawn?

    For the non LE types out there, we get as many witnesses we can, obtain as much evidence as we can and then try to make sense and understand what transpired. I am perpetually bemused by the old game of "fill in the details." All we truly know is what was given to dispatch, what was dispatched out and the end result.
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  10. Interesting information.

    We will have to see how this all plays out.
  11. Sam Spade

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    May 4, 2003
    Hey, that's a smart guy you're quoting. :whistling:


    Interesting call. Watch commander, 2 sergeants, K9, Air Unit, CP separate from the actual incident, pre-deployment of meds, Crisis Intervention Team and a partridge in a pear tree.

    I'm betting that this isn't standard LVPD response on MWAG, or even someone who's open carrying. So....there's still some more facts to come in.
  12. use2b6L32


    Apr 26, 2006
    With everything that I've read on the two Las Vegas newspaper's websites, I'm going to go on record saying this looks pretty shady on the part of Metro (based on published eyewitness accounts).

    I think the Costco employee(s) over-blew the guy's actions/demeanor, to elicit a police response and they (Costco) freaked out because they saw him carrying a gun in his waistband.
  13. Dragoon44

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    Apr 30, 2005
    I don't see anything in the transmission that would indicate Costco "stepped in it". And the only "Conflicting witness" information I am aware of is coning from the family's Lawyer who claims to have witnesses that contradict the police version of events.

    I don't put much stock in what some lawyer representing the family contacting the media CLAIMS to have.
  14. Sad part is, it will all end in lawsuits, lawyers for both sides will get wealthy and all who were actually involved will be virtually ignored in the end.

    Considering a recent spate of workplace and large public store shootings, the call and response does not seem unreasonable. What will be determined as reasonable or not was the initial call to 911 as well as what Metro did on contact and after.
  15. Newcop761

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    In Existential Crisis
    I hear this as the suspect telling the manager he's "a Green Beret and is allowed to carry a [pistol]". You know how radio traffic goes.

    Sounds like a well orchestrated professional response by Metro. The only one I can see stepping in it is the suspect.

    We'll have to wait for more info.
  16. So, the manager is the Green Beret or the subject shot? I'm confused.
  17. Newcop761

    Newcop761 CLM

    Jan 29, 2001
    In Existential Crisis
    I think the dispatcher was relaying info from the call taker and left out some pronouns.

    My personal opinion having scene the difference between what dispatch puts out and what the situation really was when I got on scene. Just saying.
  18. dano1427


    Jan 3, 2001
    "2V16: He pulled a 413 and pointed it in my direction. (19:38)"

    So, unit "2V16" is making this all up, to some people?
  19. Some would say so, yes.

    Some see conspiracies and cover-ups where there is none.
  20. Moonfish

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    Feb 20, 2007
    Texas (DFW)
    Thanks for posting, jpa! Despite the new information, it seems that everyone is sticking to their previous position. I for one would like to hear a critical review of the transcript.
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