R.I. coming out with a 10MM?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by alwaysshootin, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Read on another forum, they are coming out with a 10MM. Can anyone confirm this, and details, to when they will hit the market?

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  3. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    I personally wouldn't carry even one of their .45s. I'd run fast from a RI 10mm.

  4. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    I tried to e-mail them and from their site and it got kicked back...Oh well! :(
  5. my friend has two R.I. he loves them and carrys them both I have shot them and like them too great price for a 1911 imo

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  6. I used to own three RI 1911s. Two of them were flawless, but the other (FS Tactical) I had constant problems with. I got rid of them because I never shot them. They make nice range guns, but I don't know if I'd trust a budget 1911 for self-defense.
  7. I had two, sold one because I never shot it. Both are great guns.
    I would add another if they came out with one in 10mm.
  8. I assume we're talking about Rock Island Armory? I have a 1911 Officer size in 45 acp that is absolutely fantastic. It doesn't concern me at all to carry that gun. It shoots very well.
  9. 10 fans, buy, shoot, and carry EAA Witnesses. :dunno:
  10. That was more my point! If someone comes out with a "10", especially if it isn't in the $1200+ range, I'm giving it a try! Never said anything about carrying it. I have that niche more than covered!:cool:
  11. Again, this is the information I'm looking for. Not opinions on R.I., just if you heard they are coming out with a "10", and if you know when it is due to hit the market, thanks.:wavey:
  12. Gun Genie actually shows a listing for it although none are available

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  13. A few of us even use Glock 10mm's.
  14. More than a few of us!
  15. I'm not big on 10mm 1911s, but that would be interesting.
  16. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    my $340 RIA 45 runs better than my $700 Kahr PM45.
  17. Brian,

    I know you are not big on the 10MM, and it's understandable! Just imagine though, if you were? How great would it sound that another manufacture is coming out with one in their lineup? You'd have to get one, wouldn't you? Everyone within the sound of my voice, that wants another "Ten" offering, buy this one, and send a message to Sig, Smith, and Springfield! Make it the most demanded firearm of the year!!!!
  18. Angry Fist

    Angry Fist *******!!®
    Lifetime Member
    1. Glock Talk's Drunk Squad

    Damn... not too bad.
  19. Looks nice, but I think I'll wait for some reviews to come out before I pick one up. I'm assuming it will only handle the same loads that a Delta Elite can handle.
  20. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    You never know ... My RZ could take anything I could throw at it. Granted, it had a ramped and fully supported barrel.

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