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  1. Has anyone used it. Is it worth using?
  2. I have it, I use it, I like it. Will it be worth it to you? Duno.

  3. I also have it and use it a check tool. Seems to be pretty close on some powders and way off on others, with straight wall pistol cartridges. Although I don't use it for bottleneck rifle cartridges, I'm told it is much more accurate with them. Regardless, it's still nothing more than an estimation from a mathematical model and can't be accepted as gospel. I'm with Steve4102 on whether it will be of any value to you. Did you download the demo from their website?

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  4. It is a great tool when you are thinking about new powders and combinations. I will admit that I use mine heavily for days on end and then might not use it again for 2 months. Great program though!

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