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Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by cotton617, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Looking to upgrade my factory sights on my G19/4. I have a extremely hard time getting the front sight focused crisp and clear. I shot a Springfield XD the other day that had factory sights (red front with all black rear) and I didn't even have to try to focus the front sight it was freakin awesome; it allowed me to acquire my target so fast and I shot much better than I do with my Glock.

    Anyways my question is, I'm looking at the TruGlo TFO's but I'm worried that perhaps the two rear dots will slow down my focusing of the front sight? Should I get all black rear with a front night sight? Or will I be fine with the front and rear TFO's?

    My main goals of upgrading are acquiring my target and getting my front sight crisp and clear as fast as possible while shooting accurately. Thanks

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  3. I use TFO's on my G19 and G22.

    The G22 is my HD go to weapon.

    The G19 gets used at IDPA.

    TFO's are a big help for old eyes.

    No issues aquiring front sight at matches.

    Early TFO's had lost rod complaints.

    No problems for me, just in case I put one drop of clear epoxy on each rod.

    These are my first choice now.

    Good Luck

  4. I'm thinking the ameriglo hack combination will be perfect! I did some research and I guess black rear is the way to go in order for fast front sight acquisition.
  5. I have this on my G21 and is extremly quick in all light conditions http://goshen-hexsite.com/

    by the way, I'm near sighted, and with my glasses on I have trouble with normal iron sights. I have no trouble with the hex sight.
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  6. Arc Angel

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    In my opinion (as well as the opinions of several other pistoleros I shoot with) TFO sights are too fragile to make reliable SD pistol sights. They are, also, highly susceptible to gun cleaning solvent damage; and if you ever break or damage the front sight you are going to be forced to deal with a company that is renowned for really piss poor customer service.

    Still, I see a lot of people with TFO sights on their pistols. No doubt, there is a place for these sights on range guns. I can only recall a few, however, who have ever showed me an EDC pistol equipped with TFO's.

    Send a PM to Glock Talk's, 'Fire Medic'. Ask him how he likes his new AmeriGlo, 'Hackathorn' (#100-010-620WB) sights. He's a savvy pistolero who would know.


    Then call AmeriGlo's excellent tech support department and ask them which combination of front and rear sights to use on your pistol.

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  7. Sold. lol
  8. Arc Angel

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    I'm sure you won't regret the decision. ;)

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