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quick draw holster

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by ALLAN PENEYRA, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. good day BOGs..any suggestion where to buy new universal quick draw holster? price range? i'll be leaving for manila later this month and is greatly considering of getting one. any suggestions will be highly appreciated! thanks and God bless!! :cool:
  2. Depends on what sort you are after. Are you looking for speed holsters? JR Speed I suppose is the local counterpart of CR Speeds. Try Jethro trading or maybe that gunstore owned by the lady shooter along Araneta Ave... (forgot the name)

  3. roger on that sir, many thanks! yup i'm looking for a universal speed holster, the one i can use for glock and 1911 pistols para isahan na lang. will just drop by at jethro trading or tru weight along araneta ave. sometime soon. stay safe and God bless!
  4. On another note, the JR speed and even its imported counterpart, CR speed does not have a universal holster that can accomodate a 1911 and a glock. It unfortunately has to be one or the other but give them (gunstores) a ring.