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  1. A good powder measure throws very accurate charges with most powder types. Set it & then check it, throw the charges the same way each time, as good as it gets. This only works well w/ ball powders & most flake powders but not so well for stick powders. If you really want to waste your time w/ the nut cracker, at least get a powder measure to throw charges & yes you still need a good scale to verify. This precludes any of the Lee powder stuff IMO, just poorly executed gear. You can go cheap on the press & dies, but spend good money on the scale & measure. They can be used later if you go progressive, well at least the scale.
    F016 is right, you will not have a great exp reloading on the nut cracker & end up buying something else anyway. You can set it up on a folding workmate & store it if space is a problem. You shouldn't be sitting & watching tv reloading anyway, more foolish than voting OBAMA.

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  2. You only need to weigh the charge from the powder measure to make sure it's throwing the correct charge. Then weigh maybe 10 more to make sure it's consistant and you are comfortable with the charge. After than you can load without weighing any more charges. For example I will weigh 10 charges to make sure the measure is set. Then I might weigh one in the middle and then one when I'm done. The thing is you say you don't know if it's worth your time. then you buy a hand press that will let you load maybe 30 to 50 per hour. That doesn't make sence to me. I wish you luck and hope you enjoy it.
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    Absolutely 100% correct. I would strongly urge the OP to find a way to setup a reloading station, one way or the other. You don't want to be decapping primers on the bed or couch. The stuff is messy and there are toxins. Plus reloading should be done in an environment free of distractions.

    This is not a hobby to cut corners with. Get a good manual. The Speer #14 is another option with good instructions. And get a good beam scale.

    Loads need to be worked up from starting charges until you arrive at the desired outcome. A scale is essential for measuring powder charges while working up loads. If a load is found that correlates to a dipper size, then the dippers might work ok. As mentioned before, the dippers need to be verified on the scale to ensure that they agree with the weights tested during load workups.

    Another essential item is a set of calipers. I didn't see anyone mention this.
  4. What the heck am I missing here... I was going to the cheaper route... And I'm already up to $170+ without components and this is with a hand press...?????

    Am I mistaken with something??? Am I buying too much???? What am I doing wrong here??

    ProdID ProdTitle Price Qty Ext Weight Ext Price

    0.1 Lbs. $ 2.49

    3.2 Lbs. $ 17.99

    LEE90965 LEE 4 DIE SET 40 S&W/10MM CARBID $36.99
    1.5 Lbs. $ 36.99

    PC050107 ELECTRONIC SCALE 1500 GS $24.99
    1.0 Lbs. $ 24.99

    LEE90230 LEE AUTO PRIME $15.99
    0.7 Lbs. $ 15.99

    0.3 Lbs. $12.98

    PC050080 DIGITAL CALIPER $20.31
    0.7 Lbs. $ 20.31

    2.9 Lbs. $ 39.99
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    I'll save you $2.50. You don't need a primer pocket cleaner.

    If you want to go the electronic scale route, then you'll need to spend money. At least $100. A $25 electronic scale is not dependable enough for me. Otherwise go with a decent beam scale.

    Aside from that, this should get you going.
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    My first press was the small Lee 25 dollar bench model. Its still mounted nest to my other presses and still gets used.
  7. You don't need cheap dig calipers, the cheaper dial are better. There are no cheap/good dig scales. Cut corners on other stuff, but you need a reliable/accurate method for measuring powder. The Dillon beam is the best cheaper beam scale IMO. A $25 dig scale isn't even a good paper weight.
    SUre it's going to cost you some $$, figure a decent ss press setup or Lee Classic Turret, right around $300. You'll pay for all of it in less than 8m if you only shoot 400rds of 9mm/m. Of course, anything less than a LCT is going to cost you a ton of time.
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  8. In my view, you left out the Lee Taper Crimp Die. It is a lot better solution than the Lee Factory Crimp Die in the 4 die set. So, buy a 3 die set and add the taper crimp die.

    Do not buy any digital scale that costs less than $100. Particularly for the cartridges you plan to load, the least little bit of error can result in a Kaboom!

    If you aren't shooting more than 200 rounds per month (a box a week), you probably shouldn't get into reloading. That is only about $80 worth of ammo and the savings is only going to be about $40. Hardly worth the effort and with your equipment list, it will be a LOT of effort.

    OTOH, if you are shooting 500 rounds per month, that's about $200/month and the savings will be about $100/mo. Looking at that over a year, the savings will total around $1200. That much money is worth saving! But it is also enough to pay back the cost of much better equipment.

    Good reloading equipment has a resale value of probably around 75%. Dillon stuff will bring in 80-85% because of the name and the 'forever' guarantee. If you don't like reloading, just post your equipment list on the bulletin board at your range. Someone will be looking for it!

    Take a longer view...

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  9. Although I may get flamed... I did it.. I bought all the stuff.... I didn't buy bullets, powder or primers yet because I bought the book and I figured it would tell me what to buy...

    My wife is predicting that in 6 months or less ill have a bench setup :embarassed:
  10. Welcome to the addiction of reloading! :wavey:

  11. I am going to bet she is right. :supergrin: At least you got started. Congrats and welcome to reloading.
  12. Wait till you start getting bullet shipments all the time. Then go from bench to needing a room. Thinking that 2500 rounds of 9mm loaded is running low. You are headed down a path that is great. I just spent 200 on more reloading stuff I " needed" when all I really needed was a set of dies for my 270rem.
  13. Thanks for all the advice.... I know it might not have been perfect but here was the final order:

    PH393939 UNIVERSAL RELOADING TRAY $5.99 1 $5.99
    LEE90101 LEE PRIMER POCKET CLEANER $2.49 1 $2.49
    LEE90100 LEE IMP. POWDER MEASURE KIT $7.99 1 $7.99
    PH836017 BULLET PULLER $12.99 1 $12.99
    LY9816049 49TH EDITION RELOADING HANDBOOK $17.99 1 $17.99
    LEE90965 LEE 4 DIE SET 40 S&W/10MM CARBID $36.99 1 $36.99
    PH205205 DS-750 DIGITAL RELOADING SCALE $23.99 1 $23.99
    LEE90230 LEE AUTO PRIME $15.99 1 $15.99
    PH672060 ECONOMY ELECTRONIC CALIPER $20.99 1 $20.99
    LEE90180 BREECH LOCK HAND PRESS KIT $39.99 1 $39.99
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  14. Even with carbide dies, I think you are going to want to lube the cases. I have been using Hornady One Shot for about a year and it works very well. It doesn't have to be removed from the loaded rounds.

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    Curious about why to lube cases? I never lube pistol cases.

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  17. I'm sure you're right and ill get there sooner than later... Just couldn't swing that much for scale yet... I'll load light to avoid any problems, but I'll step up to something more appropriate like you've described when getting more "aggresive" with charges. :supergrin:
  18. You don't take advice very well and bought a bunch of stuff that really isn't going to serve you well in the long term or that you don't even need. Pretty much everything but the press and the manual and maybe the powder measure.

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