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Question on Gas Tube Gas Key Interference

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Made in Austria, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. I like to pay a lot of attention to the gas tube alignment. There is a little gas tube/gas key click in my current build. Nothing major, the gun passes the 45 degree test without a noticeable resistance when the carrier (without the bolt) slides down. It even passes an 30 degree test. It's just that little click which is bugging me a bit. When I slide the carrier home by hand I can feel the click a tiny little bit but no restance. I also made sure that the delta ring, weld spring and the snap ring don't touch the gas tube.

    What are your thoughts on this? Is it even possible to align it perfectly? I mean even if you get it to align so that you can't even hear an click, since the carrier has some play in the upper receiver and might behave differently under live fire so that it hits the gas tube slightly different that at home on the bench.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2012
  2. G23Adam

    G23Adam .- -.. .- --

    Oct 1, 2003
    You can bend it around, but if it slides with a bit of a click, it'll wear in eventually.
    The little click is going to change as things heat/cool etc. Nothing to worry about.

    If it really bothers you, as it does me:

    I use a nylon dog leash looped around the end of the tube to bend them down and a big screwdriver to go the other directions. Most of mine need to be bent down for some reason (Just a touch.) If it needs to go right or left, you may have gas block issues.

    (When I say down, I mean as if the receiver is in the normal orientation, picatinny rail upward.)

  3. Thanks! I guess I'll just leave it alone. A friend of mine bought a new Colt LE6920. The gas tube alignment in this rifle is not very good. The carrier barely slides home on its own weight when you hold the upper upside down with muzzle down ~45 degrees.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2012