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Question for KS Freeman

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by IronHorseman, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Since youe our resident legalscribe here I have a question for you.I was recently elected GOP party chairman in my county. Does Indiana code forbid carrying a firearm at political caucusses and conventions?
  2. KSFreeman

    KSFreeman Broken Member

    Jul 10, 2001
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Mmmm, maybe. Where is said convention/meeting to be held?

    No carrying at political meetings? Are you channeling Georgia law?:supergrin:

  3. txgho1911


    Jan 1, 2006
    I hope I was not breaking the law at the Marion county slating convention. Carl Brizzi was there with his body guard.
  4. R. Emmelman

    R. Emmelman Tired Member

    Was it in a school or was a school group having a field trip there? Was it in an Indianapolis city park? How about a courthouse? :supergrin:
  5. Our district meetings held at the Sulivan city park.Our county meetings are at the place of my choosing.
    We will be holding a county caucus in May and a town convention in August. I just wondered if the state had any codes dealing with this. My biggest concern will be the state convention next year.It should be held at a hotel in Indy.
    I just don`t to be surprised by a law that I might be unaware of.
  6. dwh79


    Aug 7, 2006
    What is up with this school fieldtrip thing? It says school event or location of a school event. I believe this probably has a graet deal of lee way. If you are at a skating rink and there is obviousl a field trip and the place is full of scholl busses and kids fine but if I happen to be at a convention or staying in a hotel and there is no way to know a school might be taking a field trip there I do not believe they can say you are breaking the law. If they had signs up to that effect or a lot of school busses were in the parking lot fine but if it is not clearly obvious I don't believe you would be bothered, but a good reason to carry concealed. I have been out to eat and had a school bus pull in the parking lot to eat so am I breaking the law I don't believe so.
  7. rhino465


    Sep 24, 2003
    Indiana, USA
    That's the problem with really bad laws that are also poorly written. They can and will mean whatever the prosecutor chooses it to mean on a given day.

    This piece of the law needs to go.

  8. R. Emmelman

    R. Emmelman Tired Member

    Not a lawyer by any sort of close association but I have found no state law against carrying at a political function. (In fact I carried almost all of the last congressional campaign). City parks are at the option of the city involved. Indianapolis will not allow carry in Indy-Parks property. This includes parks, city owned golf courses, Monon trail, greenways, city owned little league parks, etc, etc, etc.
  9. I carried openly at my congressman press confrences las year at is request.