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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by SGT HATRED, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. A little background information... So in early November I bought an Arsenal SLR 101-s. This is the post ban single stack model. The next day I brought it to what I thought was a reputable gunsmith to have the mag well widened so it will accept standard mags.

    The guy who wrote my ticket said it would take approximately a month to get done. So flash forward to today, I have called these guys numerous times trying to get any info on the progress. I did wait about a week after the initial predicted time for completion. The man on the phone was very polite and told me it would be finished by the end of the week. So I call at the end of the week but they say more time. The last 3 times I've called (2-3 weeks apart) the man on the phone says

    "my ak guy isn't here, but I see your ak on his work bench. I'll have him cal you when he gets in."

    No one calls back. So now it's been about 5 months and I'm getting a bad feeling about the whole situation. So my question is... If they screwed up on it does the company have any obligation to make me whole? Or if the work is partially complete can I go in and demand my rifle? At this point I'm so frustrated I'm not sure what I want to do or what I can do for that matter...

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  3. Sounds more like a question for the lawyers, but let us think about this from a common sense point of view. "If they screwed up on it does the company have any obligation to make me whole?" Common sense would say, yes, if they damaged your property they should make you "whole", as you say. There are two ways to "make you whole", that I can think of, and they would seem to depend on whether the item (in its current state) can be repaired or if it is beyond repair. If it can be repaired then I guess you might be entitled to the amount that they have lessened its value (plus any money you paid them); if it is beyond repair then I guess you might be entitled to the fair market value of the thing. You would probably need a specialized appraiser of some sort to give you a written appraisal (maybe that's a question for the gunsmiths). Can you go and ask for it back? Sure, but is that the best option? If they haven't gotten to your work: no harm, no foul. But you might get the thing in pieces and you might find the receiver arguably damaged and then you have to find someone to take on the job of the repair. Some smiths may not want to get involved with someone's hacking. On the other hand (assuming that you are not getting the straight scoop on the progress of the work) perhaps they are just backlogged or the AK specialist is having personal issues (no small consolation I'm sure). Are they local; can you go there to talk to them face-to-face and get the real scoop? I think they would be hard-pressed not to let you see the progress. If they screwed-up, and you are talking face-to-face, they may be willing (or more willing) to discuss a way to make things right (whatever that might involve). Good luck

  4. Thanks for the great response. I do plan on going in when I get the chance. Hopefully they have good news...
  5. So I finally went to find out what the heck was going on. The smith said something like the bolt/carrier has a different profile in the single stack than a double stack. I guess he had to track down another milled ak to test parts from both guns, and see if they where compatible. So supposedly it will be ready next week...
  6. At this point, if they have not touched the gun yet, I would get it back, ASAP.

    If they have taken it apart, have them put it back together, and get it back.

    If they have started modifying it, you are SOL-- have them buy the gun from you.
  7. It sounded like they had started the milling. But after waiting so long why would I sell it to them once they completed what I wanted?
  8. Main concern I see is lack of experience with this mod on their part. Yes the bolt is different on the bottom as the SS mags are also different. It doesn't seem to affect the loading with the DS mags though.

    I've seen this milled and dremeled and couldn't tell from shooting which is any different. If done properly, you can still use the SS mags and the DS mags. I had the layout around here somewhere for the rough cut opening to go from SS to DS. On most, there are just a couple points to hit at the front and rear with the sides being trimmed a little. The front trunnion will also need to be widened and deepened at a few points to allow the wider mag to sit in and lock up.

    They might be acting a little over cautious to insure proper function and safety.

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