Question concerning an 870 Wingmaster.

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  1. My father called me today and asked me to come by some time today, so I did. Turns out it was to give me his Remington 870 Wingmaster. It was going to happen someday, and I guess he just decided today was the day. All he shoots is his Browning.
    Now the conundrum. A couple of weeks ago I bought an 870 Express Tactical for HD and slug gun hunting (ghost ring sight). I have not had the opportunity to shoot it yet and am considering selling it and getting an 18" barrel for it for HD and a rifled barrel for slug hunting for the Wingmaster, And a mag extension (will a regular 870 extension work or does it have to say Wingmaster?) Will use the barrell on it for other hunting.

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  2. The Wingmaster is the same as any 870 and has all the same parts except one and it has a cast metal trigger plate assembly. There is only one 870 and they only differ by finish and furniture. The tube extension will fit you weapon just fine.

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    sell me that tactical bbl:supergrin:
  4. Uzimon, I'll take $450 for the barrel, the rest you can have for free! Im thinking about selling it to finance my extra furniture for the Wingmaster. The reason I'm considering it is the sentimental value in the Wingmaster. It has some scratches on it but is very tight. My father bought it new and he says it hasn't even had a box of shells through it.
    aippi, if they are all the same why do they offer Wingmaster barrels. Just a difference in the finish? Would an Express barrel (cylinder) work on it?
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  5. Correct. Any 12ga 870 barrel fits any model 12ga 870 except for the MCS and that is only because the MCS is a 3+1 and the barrel ring is set further back.

    The 18.5" blued bead sight barrel will run you $150 from Remington but the 20" blued bead sight barrel will run you $118. Funny is it not?

    You can even put your Express tactical barrel on the Wingmaster if you don't care about the different finish. Or, your wingmaster barrel on your express. Same weapons just different finishes.
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    the wingmaster also has a metal trigger guard and some internals are metal instead of plastic like the express. good choice keeping that one man
  7. There are no internal polymer parts on an Express other then the trigger housing. Every part in the Express other then the extractor are the same part in the Wingmaster. Go to and down load the 870 parts list and you will understand. There are not Wingmaster parts or Police parts or Tactical parts, just 870 parts and you can look and then ask yourself this. Why is there only one right shell latch, one left shell latch, one locking block, one trigger and only one of about every part in an 870 (excluding marine coated parts)? Did I mention there is only one 870 and they only differ by finish and furniture and one or two small parts? Don't take my word for it, go to the parts list.
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    The only thing I'll add is that the 870 Special Field has the barrel ring set-back like the MCS barrels.
    I'm not sure if the Special Field is still made, but, I know that there are some Special Field barrels still available.

    To the OP: Congratulations on being gifted the Wingmaster!!!! Your Dad should be commended for passing down such a great gift!! You are a lucky man.
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  9. Thanks guys, as an update, I was standing at the front door when my local gun shop opened. Got rid of the tactical and got an 18" cylinder barrel (Mossy) for my wingmaster plus lots of little goodies for my 6920 and G30. Merry Christmas to me.
    P. S. Just for the record, my father told me this morning I would be getting his Garand for my birthday! Come on March (supergrin!)
  10. You bought an after market barrel for your Wingmaster? Man the 18.5" bead sight I/C choke factory parkerized Police barrel can be bought from Remington for $101 by calling 1-800-243-9700. What did you pay for a Mossberg barrel to go on your Remington Shotgun? Since you have alread done this I am not posting this for your information but so others understand the options. That same Remington police barrel sells on GB for $99 and $98 on other sites if you look around.

    And yes I know you traded but you traded a value and selling the weapon would have allowed you to purchase the items. Kind of like trading a car to a dealer. The only one that made out here was the gun shop. I don't take trades because as a dealer I can not offer the guy what a weapon is worth and I hate to see a guy get wholesale for a weapon he paid retail for.
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  11. I may be wrong but has anyone mentioned the dimples in the magazine tube that teecher is going to have to mod for the extended mag tube?
  12. The Wingmaster does not have the detents for internal retainer. No modifications is necessary to add a tube.
  13. sounds good
  14. aippi, man, I didn't know that. All of he Remington barrels I looked at was $130 and up. I paid $99 for the Mossy. It's no big deal, my guy will take it back. I really didn't like the different finish anyway. Think I will hold out and find one that matches. I want an 18" for HD and a rifled for deer hunting. I will spend some money but when it is done it will be something I'm very proud of.
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    Remington used to have the 18-1/2" blued barrel to match the Wingmaster's finish. They may, still. Remington had both bead sight and rifle sighted barrels.
    Look on Remington's website and open the parts list (w/ prices). If memory serves me, I paid around $125 to $140 for one from Remington.
    They're some really good people, at Remington.
    If you give them the serial number, they can tell you when that 870 left the factory, and in what configuration.
  16. BYF43 - they still make the 18.5" bead sight I/C in in blued finish and it is $150 and is part number F242252. What is funny is the 20" bead sight I/C blued is only $117. And now it gets in funnier. The 18.5" bead sight I/C parkerized is $101 but the 20" Bead sight I/C choke parkerzied is $150. Exact same F'en barrel in different finishes and the prices are reversed. I ask why when I was back and the Factory and was told the prices differences where due to the volume, customer purchases and which ones were offered on verious model.

    As you can guess, I sell a lot of the 20 blued as guys can't see the $33 difference. I also sell a lot of the 18.5" parkerized but every now and then a guy wants the 20" version of that same barrel and pays the $49 difference and some pay for the 18.5" blued. Me, I would put the 18.5" parkerized on any 870 no matter the finish on the receiver and spend that extra money on ammo. If some bad guy gets mad cause I shot him with a shotgun that had a barrel that did not match the finish on the receiver then he should have attacked someone else.
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