Question about the value of a Springfield custom 1911

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Wolf2012, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. I am considering taking a Springfield loaded model that had the professional package installed at the Springfield custom shop and am curious what it would be worth to resell?

    Description from the person wanting to trade it.
    "Custom work done by Factory Custom Shop in September '06:

    Match Nowlin barrel hand fit
    25lpi checkering on ft. strap
    Hand fit/Match tightened Frame, slide and bushing
    Match billet components throughout
    Black "T" coating throughout
    Novak night sights
    S&A magwell
    (3) fit and finished magazines
    Round count is less than 1000 since pro-job (approximately 800 between owners)."

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  3. Pretty hard to price as there aren't many "comps" for comparison. Personally as a buyer, it wouldn't command too much of a premium--maybe $1200ish, max. The fact that it's an "N" pistol would be a negative for some.

    Nice looking pistol.

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    I'd agree with the the 1200.
  5. Guns with the Pro packaqge are not nearly as valuable as a Pro.

    I wouldn't pay more than $1200-$1400.
  6. Thank you all for the reply's.
    At that amount i just can't go through with the trade, would be way to much of a loss for me.
    Thanks again for all of the information.
  7. 1911Nut17


    I agree $1200, $1300 tops!
  8. it has nearly everything, if not everything a Professional has WITH documentation and that's all you would give for it...?

    I agree that most anytime you customize something you lose big time...but this work was done by the Custom Shop at Springfield...the same guys who make the REAL Professional...and this one has some options that you can't even get any more...

    what difference would the N frame have since the only difference between N and NM frames is the FINISHING done by the people in Geneseo...the place that built this pistol...

    I could also see using the fact that it is a custom gun and not made specifically to be the Professional to my advantage BUT...I would offer more (all things being equal as to condition and paperwork) than I would for a box stock TRP...

    If you want the pistol...go for it...if you want the Professional...spend the Grand more to get it or get this one and use the money you save for training and ammo...

    my only caveat would be if you are only buying to resell...most of my 1911 pattern pistols have been worked over by an action guy...I know that to resell (horrors no ;) ) I won't get the money I have in them back...BUT...I don't plan on selling any of these...

    Good luck with your choice but I know what I'd do if I wanted a Professional for almost half price...

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  9. 1911Nut17


    It is nowhere near the same as a real professional, it is a clone. and FYI you can pick up a TRP for $1000.00 BNIB...
  10. Honestly i have no interest in either, i have a Loaded MC Operator and I am happy with it, I was just considering it in trade for one of my rifles so i could resell it and get the money for it.

    I do have a question about another pistol now.

    How much would a LNIB Wesson Valor with nitride finish sell for?

    That is all of the description he has given me on it so far and no pics.

    Thanks again.
  11. Jet guns have them spanking new for $1744, so I'd say $1450 to $1500......
  12. Quack

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    also find out if it's a 2010 or newer
  13. CMG


    The pistol in the OP's post is the old style (mid-years) frame with the blocky dust cover that doesn't fit well in very many molded holsters.

    That alone knocks the desirability way down for me.
  14. First, the TRP package is different than the Pro package.

    Second, how about you show us where you can buy a NIB TRP for $1000?

  15. Just curious as to where you guys are getting this $1200 number?

    That's WAY off base in my book.

    There's nearly ~$1200 worth of work done to the gun without the cost of the gun.
  16. that's what I thought...and the Professional Package is very nearly a Professional...all that custom work by the people who do all the custom work on the Professional...and I have not seen the TRP for $1000 bux ever...not even with an LEO discount (if you can get it)

    Lastly...a pistol done over by Springfield in the Custom Shop should be better in my book than an off the shelf TRP...

  17. I guess I started the $1200 value guestimate, and it was just that. It could be more (or less). Without the CRG serial number and the "Pro" rollmark the pistol is just a pimped out Loaded, albeit a very nice one. The fact that someone paid $1200+ for the upgrade is irrelevant. There are folks out there who woud pay five figures for an FBI serialed Pro. There are also folks who have found real Pros on the used market for less than $1500. In my view, the Pro upgrade would only make sense if the pistol were a family heirloom and had emotional value going in, and there was nothought of ever recovering any significant percentage of the upgrade costs.
  18. Only to someone that didn't know any better.

    Having CRG on the frame doesn't make a gun shoot better. It's the work that goes into it. If someone orders the same work, then the value of the gun should increase as does the accuracy, reliability, and logevity of the gun. "Pros" aren't collector items anyways. They are built for function.

    Maybe 5-7 years ago or on a RARE occaision but that's not the norm and hasn't been for quite some time due to hype.
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  19. I respectfully disagree. Legitimate Pros are modern collector's items, with all of the documentation and provenance that goes along with that term, for all of us who never have been or ever will be true warriors. The implication that someone who puts a lot of money into a pistol to upgrade a production pistol specs,should be "entitled" to a good return on their investment is a little foggy in my view. But, everyone is entitled to their opinion(s).
  20. 1911Nut17


    I realize they are totally different packages. I was referring to the post before mine where they guy said a bone stock TRP costs more that we are telling him to offer for that gun.

    Check GB or armslist. I have purchased one of GB for $1000.00 BNIB, and have 3 other friends pic them up for $1000.00 BNIB off either site as well...
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    I think Don found a Pro for under $1300.00 less than a year ago.

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