quality of Romanian Aks

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  1. I want to see what some more have to say about the romanian aks, any problems like the usual canting, poor finish, ect. bottem line would you reccomend them not because of the low price because of the rifle its self ? if not which type of ak would you reccomend to buy not taking price in to consideration ?

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  3. I have had a couple of WASRs. You do have to mention the price because they are a bargain for the price. They shoot fine. The ugly wood can be changed to folding stock, ironwood, refinished, or left as is. That is the only drawback to a WASR. I fixed my minor mag wobble with JB weld, mainly to keep it quiet. 10 minute fix. No other problems.
    A friend of mine has an arsenal. They both shoot without problems. Mine was only $359 a couple of years ago, only addition is a folding stock. He has over $1000 in his with every gadget you can get. To each his own.

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  4. how good is quality on the Century GP75 with the american made barrel and receiver is it better than the WASR ? i cant find any reviews on it.
  5. I have a sar1 finish is a little rough compared to my sa m7.

    But won't give it up!
  6. I've have had:
    2- SAR-1's
    2- SAR-2's
    2- SAR-3's
    2- AES10b's
    1- PSL
    1- WASR-22

    All have worked 100%,one had a slight cant of front sight.
    The finish has been hit or miss,but I can take care of that.
  7. tk47

    Hit or miss with these, I've got one and the sights are so canted that I had to put an adjustable rear sight on it. It's a little bit higher up than the WASR but don't pay more than like 400-450 for one. The other thing with them is that no after market furniture will fit this gun without modification. This may just be mine but soft points are a big no-no the whole front end is canted just enough that exposed tip catches on the side of the chamber just before it seats. It's plenty accurate if you're using brass ammo, 2" at 50yd just using the mag as an improvised monopod from a bench.
  8. Take a look at http://www.novarata.net/Linx310/index.html. It will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about Romanian AK rifles. It will also tell and just as importantly, show you how to correct the bad and the ugly if either or both affect your rifle.
  9. I had a good SAR-1, and two terrible WASR's. I've also seen a few other terrible WASR's, along with a few other Romanian variants. All in all, I'd pass. They may be reliable, but I've seen too many other problems to be able to recommend them with a clear concience. There are so many other great options, I don't see why people are willing to take a chance.
  10. FreakyBig

    FreakyBig Massive Member

    I have a couple of Romys that are as nice as any other AK I've ever seen, but I had a good quality builder do them rather than buying something Century threw together.

    The SAR-1 that I had was a good gun, but not as nicely finished as my others, I ended up selling it to a buddy.
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  11. I recently purchased a WASR 10/63 from Classic Arms (classicarms.us) and shot it for the first time this weekend. The sites were DEAD on out to 100 yards. A friend and I were hitting anything we aimed at... something which surprised us both. We were using Wolf ammo, nothing special. I paid ~$380 for mine, sold the plastic furniture for $40, and bought nicely refinished wood furniture on AK47.net for $40. The rifle looks beautiful now.
  12. I’ve never owned an AK, but am doing research now. I’ve read enough positive and negative stuff about the WASR to believe they are fine. I don’t care about the rough looks they may have, tho canted sights reports I see have me concerned. In fact, I want a beater. I actually stumbled into a store that had one in stock the other day. It was rough in appearance, but felt nice. It had a bayonet on it, and with the bayonet on, the gun was quite front end heavy. Without the bayonet, it felt nice. The only reason I did not buy it, was because he was asking $590, but came down to $550. About $100 to $150 overpriced.

    WASR is probably all most of us need.
  13. Seems like every time I go to a range where peeps are shooting AKM's they are mostly wasr's. I don't see anybody having trouble with them. I loan them my sight adjustment tool if they are using a spent case and a rock to adjust the sights.
  14. does anyone got anything on the century Polish M60 ???
  15. I have Bulgarian, Chinese, Egyptian, Romanian and other variant CAI builds.

    The Chinese MAK90s are the strongest built of any I've owned. Heavier too.

    Egyptian are built on Russian equipment and have a parked finish with epoxy overcoat which makes them pretty rust resistent.

    Bulgarians are great as well as some of the Hungarian types.

    As for what I like to grab when I go to the range?? I will most often grab a Romanian SAR1 or WASR just because they are a batlle tank AK. If you get past the canted sights or other issues they've had due to CAI monkeying, they are truly the Chevy or Ford of the AKs. I have yet had one to fail me. Just triple check anything made in 99-2001 era for the sights and gas blocks. The wood is great on the Romanians but the finish is what stinks. Sand them down and refinish of you want and they will be very pretty indeed.

    If you want to spend the money on a SAM or other US made versions or with milled receivers, go for it. It won't make it any better in my opinion but it will be nicer finished and probably more accurate.

    If you want a gun you can use in any weather and odn't care if it gets a scratch on it every now and again, get a Romanian.
  16. Got a GP WASR 10/63 !!!!! it came with two steel 30rd mags, leather sling, slant muzzle brake, bayonet lug, oil bottle, cleaning kit, bayonet w/sheath, and leather frog. slight mag wobble (every Ak i've seen has slight mag wobble) 1965 dated with triangle and arrow, unmatching serial numbers (kinda sucks), front sight block slightly canted (fixed it) ok finish for a WASR, put about 300 rounds down range (worked flawlessly) groups about 3.5-4 inches at 50 yards and i paid $599 tax included
  17. Matching numbers are for collectors. I wouldn't worry about it as it was made from a parts kit, no telling what all the original matching parts were like.

    As for mag wobble. Who cares. Like you said, most wobble. Some more than others. I never understood why people squeel about mag wobble. I've never seen it affect feeding or function and the dimples on the side don't help stabalize it like some think. Even the tightest I've had never touch.

    The metal mags will always have a little play and makes it easier to insert. If you want real tight fit, get some Tapco 30rd plastic waffle mags. They are tight side to side and front to back in anything I've put them in so far.

    The GP kits are older models from Romania and I don't know if truly better or worse than new manufacture. They seem fine and like any AK, if it's straight and feeds and you can hit your mark, you've got a keeper.

    There's nothing that can't be replaced or fixed on an AK.

    Good deal.
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  18. I just picked up a WASR 10 yesterday. Paid about $375 for it.
    Its my first AK.
    I own dozens of other rifles and pistols.
    Just wanted an AK, didn't want to spend much for it.
    Hope to get out to the range with it this weekend.
  19. In the video, the wasr plastic handguard looks like its smoking (melting) after
    30 rounds, but the newer generation no barrel contact handguard on the Arsenal SGL does not smoke up. The paint or oil on the outside of the barrel did burn off a bit though. A melted or burnt handguard is going to promote looseness and play havoc with point of aim and precision. Wood degrades (oxidizes) from high barrel heat and the same can happen. No thanks. I had it happen before and learned from it. If your going to get the barrel hot enough, its something to consider. I've though about how easy it might be to make a machined steel adapter that allows an old style handsguard retainer to properly utilize a modern no contact AK 100 series style handuard but unless there is a demand its just an idea without a market and no one will make them. Ok, sorry for the rant, back to comparisons.
  20. Both guns were smoking pretty good after the workout he gave them, but it’s unlikely I’ll shoot it like that, at least, not all the time. I’m going for wood furniture, and I don’t expect any problems, and for the money, the WASR looks like a ton of fun. Ammo is cheap too.

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