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  1. I gave my daughter an early birthday present today (she'll be 22 in 3 weeks)-- made in Italy, and it came in a nice blue box, a PX4 Compact in 9mm. Hopefully we can make it to the range tomorrow afternoon. She was pleased with the ergonomics of the grip (small backstrap), it wasn't to heavy and not too light, and the slide racks more easily than my Glocks and Commander. When she picked it up she made sure to point the pistol away from people and her finger stayed outside the the trigger guard resting along the frame. I was so proud!

    I was afraid that I would have difficulty finding ammo due to the "gun and ammo run" that has been going on. The LGS was low on "plinking" ammo but not out and the price was NOT jacked up (hooray!) The next hurdle will be finding a good holster for it. Any suggestions? Any of you have Father/daughter/gun or Mother/daughter/gun stories? I'll follow up with a range report.

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  2. The PX4 is a great pistol. I have a full size in 40S&W.

  3. Nice story man. I am sure it will be by her side for years to come.
  4. The PX4 is a great choice for folks that have a hard time racking the slide.
  5. The PX4 is a fine gun.
    A number of females have shot mine and like it.

    Last Saturday a lady was shooting her full size PX4 in my back yard and doing very well with it.

    The Px4, equipped with a Streamlight TL-2 laser/light is one of my nightstand guns.

  6. The storm is sweet. Bac....YOU actually own a .40?!? lol
  7. I have the PX4 Storm sub compact in 9mm. 13+1 DA/SA.

    After a clean and lube with slide glide, it was off to the pistol range with 150 rounds of mixed brand FMJ and JH.

    NO feeding/extraction problems. NO light primer strikes.

    IMO, the PX4 storm is truly a winner from Beretta.

    OP made a good choice for his daughter.
  8. I went ahead and did a clean/lube on the pistol before giving it. I am hoping that we can get out on New Years Day to shoot-- she had plans this afternoon and works tomorrow. I am glad to hear that others have had good experiences with this line of pistols. :wavey:
  9. ggarciatx

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    That's a good one.
    Glad you are teaching her responsibility and safety.
    Only suggestion is get her some extra magazines, a good holster and a double magazine holder and a good flashlight. Those are necesities of a girl who is about to embark in this world.
    I got my daughter a Glock 19 and she loves it.
  10. I am watching out for magazines-- Midway and Beretta are out of stock, but I am on the notify list for both. I am looking out for a good holster, also-- it seems as though there are not a lot of options for the PX4 at the moment. I hadn't thought about a good flashlight-- thanks! :wavey:
  11. Back from the range: my daughter enjoyed her new pistol and is looking forward to shooting it more-- she realizes that actually shooting it will improve her proficiency. It is a very smooth shooting pistol, I found the recoil impulse to be mild and straight back into the palm as opposed to having more muzzle flip. My wife also went today-- she has become more interested in learning how to handle the household firearms due to all the concern over renewed gun control.
  12. Berettausa has them. Nevermind. They are out. Just got 2

    Just got an email from CDNN, they are supposed to have them too
    call http://gallery.mailchimp.com/99c3876c30b42968d4190988b/images/CDNNNewYear.jpg
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  13. I have the same pistol. Great shooting gun!
  14. I'm considering picking up a type f compact in .40... Maybe even trading my G23 gen 3 in for one. I think Beretta hit a home run with the Px4!

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