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    That was probably the words I uttered out of frustration at things not working as I expected, pressure of trying to meet demand, me trying to rush along to get things moving and having things break, while witnessing everything I did to build a business come crashing down and affecting my family and customers due to my incompetence.

    The 1050 doesn't suck and the 650 is a better choice in some situations, but not a better press than the 1050.

    The 1050 has these tangible advantages over the 650:

    - Faster cycle because it primes on the downstroke. Every operation happens at the same time. 650 has the "push forward" priming which slows the operation down.

    - More toolhead room. I got a competition shooter setup with a 1050, bullet feeder, and powder check die. Toolhead looks like this: case feed, size, swage, prime, powder, powder check, bullet feed, seat/crimp. You can't do that on a 650 toolhead.

    - Primer pocket swage handles military brass from 9mm, .45 ACP, 5.56 and 7.62 brass. It also comes in handy as a check to ensure the primer is removed in station 2 so you don't have a primer detonation in station 4. Yes it happens and I've got the holes in my ceiling to prove it.

    The 650 is better than the 1050 if you want high production but lower cost. Not everyone can afford the price of the 1050. That's fine. The 650 has a lifetime warranty whereas the 1050 only has a one year. The caliber changes and associated equipment are cheaper for the 650 than the 1050.

    Don't buy into the "commercial grade machine" nonsense of the 1050 marketing. There is nothing else like it on the market, so Dillon doesn't need the warranty to be a competitor. Lee doesn't make anything competitive, neither does Redding, RCBS, Hornady, CH4D, Lyman. You've got progressive presses, you've got the 1050 which is better than the rest, then you get into Camdex or AmmoLoad machines.

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    I am looking forward to getting it. It was a 1050 or nothing. I just couldnt justify selling the LnL just to get a 650. Yes the 650 has some advantages, but so does the LnL.

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    Station 2 deprimes the case and station 3 swages the pocket. If you fail to remove the spent primer, trying to seat a new one will cause the anvil to crush and set off the primer. If you have enough primer dust on your press it will ignite and set off the primer magazine, shoot the black primer rod thing into the air, and most likely put a hole in your ceiling that you won't be able to explain away to your wife. Trust me.

    If there is a spent primer in the case when you go to seat a new primer, you will feel the press come to a halt before it bottoms out at a full stroke. This can indicate several things and the most notorious cause is the primer wasn't out of the pocket. The swage rod will not enter the pocket and the press will stop before bottoming out. When you clear this, be sure to continue full stroke or you will partially seat a primer in station 4 and have a reject. Not good.
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  5. You keep saying that. Personally, I think they are whooeee. Other then perhaps the powder measure there is nothing about the LnL I feel is better then the 650. Even the toolhead vs bushing thing. Bushings are a PITA.
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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think the bushing are great, the powder measure of course and I also like the shellplate design, and ease of primer switch over. Can we just come to the conclusion you hate the LnL and I like it. :supergrin:
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    I'm not the only one that has these feelings and your not the only one that has your feelings. That will be $300 for the therapy season..
  8. I don't hate the LnL. I just don't think what a lot people say makes it better is actually an improvement. It's purely different for the sake of being different. The primer slider is better when it comes to conversions but it's worse when it comes to reliability. I prefer reliability over ease of conversion. Of course that is easy for me to say. I never convert the 650 to Large Primer. I will be in the future so I will probably buy a complete primer setup to make that easier. So I guess we are up to two. Primer ease of conversion and the Powder Measure. Bushings still suck.:whistling: :tongueout:

    Poor misguided souls.

    To be honest. Most people have never owned a LnL and a 650 so they really don't have a clue. They are just guessing and justifying their choice in press. Using one is not the same as owning one. Zombie Steve has used my 650. Doesn't mean much till you owned it for a while.
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  9. I remove and disassemble my primer feed every 1000 rounds to clean, inspect and lube. Takes me literally 3 minutes. I took a 12 point cheapo socket and ground it down to remove the primer punch, make life so much easier.
  10. I have yet to clean mine. Your probably right Boxer. That should be done when I do a conversion.
  11. I'm super OCD about keeping my press clean. So it's just a normal routine for me. I've never loaded large primer on my press just got the socket set up just in case and when learning how to tear it down, put it back together.
  12. Leave it to the GT reloading forum: A thread gets started about bullets being in stock at Powder Valley. 1 1/2 out of 2 pages (soon to be much more) are a debate on Blue vs Red. Again. Awesome.
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    Boxer, what size cheapo wrenches should I get for the 1050. And you got a pic showing where you ground them down?
  14. Be very very quiet. I am hunting LnL owners.

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  16. Consider the minimal cost savings in the LNL vs 650, no way I would buy the LNL & I have loaded on one enough to compare the two. With case feeders, they are within a few $$ now in price. No case feeder, the LNL is about $75 cheaper. The priming system of the 650 is worth that & I also do NOT like the bushings. The only time they are a better idea than the tool head is when you want to take one die out & mess with it.
    Sure Justin, give a call, come over anytime & play with the 650.
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  17. Fred, if you let him load on your machine, he'll never leave :supergrin:

    Actually did you know he works and lives in Laguna Beach during the week? That must be pretty close to you right?

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