Putting down animals.

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    Back of the head at a downward angle seems to be most efficient. Don't try the lung shots with a duty pistol, I've seen guys unload full magazines trying to get one to stop moving.

    Some of those things are very resiliant.

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  2. Remember, at close range your shots will impact about an inch under the top of your front sight. Seen some messy animal dispatches due to this!

  3. I use a 22 pistol or rifle with subsonic HP, one shot back of the head. Aim just above the axis, where the spine and skull join. At night I blind it with the spotlight or my streamlight so it can't see me coming up from behind. I have also done it with a Beretta 950 25ACP. Worked just as good as a 22.

    Just be aware of what's downrange and plan accordingly.

    Yeah, it'll flop some.
  4. Ths is important to remember. Even at contact distances it's going low. If you approach the animal from behind so it can't see you it won't panic as much.
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    Approaching wives in this fashion is equally effective.
  6. 1 .357 magnum round to the side of the neck and I never had one even twitch again(also tells you how long ago I was a cop lol...we still were issued revolvers(S&W model28) and even the academy taught with revolvers) but living then and working in RURAL Western New York state put down many and that was always the shot 1 shot and never even had 1 flinch after the shot ,instant kill.

    Id say we put down a minimum of 10-15 a year when i was on duty(mostly nights 4-12pm)
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    I've had to dispatch two deer so far. One was a double tap behind the ear from a Glock 22 and the second was double to the chest from an AR-15. Both were nearly instantly effective.
  8. A single shot to the head with a Speer Gold Dot in .40 S&W has always worked for me. At my first agency, had a Captain come out to a wreck involving a deer. The quote as he left the office was "I better go out there before they start shooting up the neighborhood." When he got to the scene, he pulls out the shotgun to dispatch the deer. After two rounds of OO buck at close range and only notching an ear, he finally gets a slug and manages to finish the job at an even closer range. The best part was that he was the Firearms Instructor and used to brag about how well he could shoot.
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    Nuke them from orbit, its the only way to be sure.

    Sent from my Federation issued communicator.
  10. We aren't allowed to dispatch animals (unless they're attacking of course). We have to call the game wardens who might not show for hours. They're too scared we'll shoot something were not supposed to. There is a special exception in the policy where a supervisor can allow it but that never happens.
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    Not LEO. I have put down more then a couple car accident deer, and half dozen cattle. (some injured) and many other animals.
    I talked to bucher. He said said "imagine a line from Right eye to left ear, left eye to right ear. Where the lines cross shoot just below that"
    I have even taken deer with that (.22 pistol) and the jaw is on ground before echo of shot dies. I tried the (behind the ear) and the 1100 lb steer turned it head and looked at me like "WTF was that????" 2nd shot in (sweet spot) and its face hit ground. I will NEVER try another shot area.
    I have never tried .22lr on cattle.(But bucher uses a .22 lr MAG rifle for everything including buffalo. 9mm, .45 acp only for pistol rds
  12. Also wear a kilt so it can't hear the zipper.
  13. Sheepdog689

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    Visualize an X between their ears (top legs of the X) and their eyes (bottom legs of the X). One shot in the center of X will take care of it. I used to carry a .22 lr pistol on patrol just for putting down deer that were injured in accidents. Worked every time.
  14. I have slit a deer's throat before.
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    I got called out to a car vs deer once & the family had turned the car around and gone back to find the deer after they hit it.

    When I arrived the deer was in their headlights with dad, mom & kids in the car watching the thing try to crawl around on it's front two legs (it's back was broken & rear half was dragging). I told dad to have his family look away while I put it down. One shot to the back of it's head and it flopped on the ground like a sack of flour.

    A few minutes later I'm talking dad through the accident report & one of the kids lets out a scream. I turned around to see this thing scrambling up onto the road with all it's might with it's two front legs, trying to GTFO before I shot it again. So, I ran over and put three in it's chest nearly point blank, right behind the front "armpit". That time it didn't get back up.

    At this point I looked back at the car to see the whole family wide-eyed staring at me. Kids started bawling, mom was crying, general disarray. Not my most shining moment.
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  16. Zombies. Eeesh. :wow:
  17. I know you LOL now every time you think about that.

    One child's memory is of me putting a round into a sick raccoon while his dad watched. Didn't know he was staring out the bay window.

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  18. Use the shotgun.

    Works better, faster to clean up. :supergrin:

    I generally use a rifled slug, but 00 Buck works just fine too. Headshot or torso shot stops them literally dead in their tracks.

    Plus its just a shotgun, so it won't piss Joe Biden off like an assault rifle or deadly fully semi automatic pistol would.
  19. I've only had to put down one that was too injured to walk. I hit it with a .22 from a S&W Model 63 right behind the ear. It kicked once and that was the end.
  20. A while back I got called to a collision. The officer asked on the radio if I could kill it because he "never shot anything before".

    Sgt stops traffic one way while wussy officer stops other side (behind fire truck so he couldn't watch). I asked the Sgt several times if he wanted to let the vehicle he had stopped go by 1st. He said to go ahead and shoot it. I did so.

    He had stopped a school bus. I asked him later why and he said "they gotta learn the real world at some point"

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