Put a Spin on My H&R Single Shot...

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Doughnutman_923, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Recently got an H&R NEF 12gauge single shot shotgun for $125 and decided it was too 'plain' for the likes of me.

    Wood furniture. stock/forearm (No sling studs)

    Choate Storearm w/Sling Swivel Stud (Holds three 3'' shells.) $14
    Choate Pistol Grip w/Sling Loop $22
    Winchester Quick Adjust Sling $15
    Comcast universal Remote Control -Free with service agreement


    I heard these things are a nightmare to take down, but after disassembling/reassembling about 3 times I finally developed a way of taking her down/cleaning/lubing that doesn't take 3 hours...

    Recoil is very manageable with game loads. I haven't tried running any of the 3'' shells I keep loaded for home defense....yet. (I have a big house.)

    So here is a decent budget home defense shotgun/backup shotgun for under $175!
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  3. Looks cool, but I think that thing is gonna hurt with full power loads, as light as it is. I'm planning one now. I'm going to just cut my barrel and add a shell holder and sling and call it a day. How does it hold the extra rounds?

  4. What is the over all length?
  5. "I heard these things are a nightmare to take down..."

    Never heard that. In fact, I find them ridiculously easy. What are you doing? Driving the pins out? And, if so, why would you want to do that? Certainly not recommended or necessary for normal cleaning. Otherwise, it's child's play.
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