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Pusher destroys plastic sights?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by brockgl, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. brockgl


    May 10, 2010
    I bought a MGW sight pusher for Glock pistols a few weeks back, because I own multiple Glocks, and I wanted to be able to install my own sights.

    My boss was shooting low with his Glock, and after lots of testing with other Glocks of the same model, he decided his gun was the culprit and not his grip. He ordered a replacement rear (plastic) sight that was slightly taller than the factory sight in hopes that this would raise his POI.

    Since I just dropped roughly $100 on a sight pusher, I offered to get together after work at the range and get his new sight installed.

    I did my best to follow the instructions that were included with the pusher. It said for removal to move the sight out from left to right (since presumably the right side of the dovetail is the wider side). And then when installing the new set to drift it on from right to left.

    We removed the factory plastic rear sight, but in doing so the sight did not come out unharmed. It was mushed and deformed, and really the plastic was just ripped off of the metal base-plate which remained firmly in the dovetail.

    We both realizes what this meant. We figured it meant that we would get the same deforming results when installing his new plastic sight. I told him that even though his new sight was likely to get destroyed, but we could try if he wanted to. Since the new sight only cost $5, he decided to give it a shot.

    Well, needless to say, it didn't go well.

    Are we doing something wrong or are sight pushers NOT meant for plastic sights? How does Glock get them on?

    He just informed me that he ordered a set of (metal) Trijicon night sights, and that we could get together to install them as soon as they came in.

    What should I know when installing this new set? Should I cover the sights with anything before pushing them on so as not to mar the Trijicon logo or the metal?

    Can anyone give me advice on the proper way to install Glock sights with a pusher?

    This would seem like common sense, but after witnessing the destruction of two plastic sights, I am beginning to think that maybe there is something I am not understanding.

    Thanks so much in advance!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2011
  2. g19222721

    g19222721 Glock Shooter

    Jul 17, 2001
    So Cal., USA
    I've got the same sight pusher. I use the pusher to remove the rear sight from right to left as you are looking from the rear of the slide. If I move the sight from left to right, the sight stops moving after a certain point and the plastic part rips from the bottom metal base.

    And install new sights from left to right.

  3. brockgl


    May 10, 2010
    Well it seems like I might have been doing everything backwards. Thanks so much for the heads up. I am going to have to re-read those instructions, but I thought we both came to the clear conclusion that they were telling us to remove from left to right, and to install from right to left.

    But I will feel a lot better if you are right. I just don't want to mess up his Trijicons, that's for sure.
  4. cciman


    Jan 19, 2009
    SW Ohio
    My recollection with my MGW, is that your direction of travel is correct.

    Removal is from left->right

    install is from R>L

    I do not recall having issues with removing the OE sights on 4 glocks.

    Go low and slow, with some creeping lubricant (Kroil for example) applied to the dovetail the night before.
  5. brockgl


    May 10, 2010
    Is the height adjustable on this pusher? It definitely seemed as if the pusher was a bit to high on the sight to get the best leverage. But I didn't see how it could be moved down or how the vice part could be moved up...?


    Jan 15, 2010
    Crimson Tide land
    FWIF #1: I have both MGW sight tools for both tapered and straight-walled adjustable Glock OEM sights and I&#8217;ve always used right &#8211; left for removal and left &#8211; right for installation w/o any problems (looking from the back to the front of the slide). These sight tools also work great for Trijicon and Meprolight night sights and I've never damaged any rear sight or encountered any problem with removal or installation.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    FWIW #2: I just happen to have a Gen 4 G26 with the sights removed. Using a micrometer, I measured the dovetail at .223&#8221; at the center, .240&#8221; at the both ends of the dovetail (before the flare), and .270&#8221; at both ends of the extreme end of the flare of the dovetail. So much for one side of the dovetail being slightly wider than the other side requiring a specific direction of install/removal. :dunno:<o:p></o:p>


    FWIW #3: I measured the Glock OEM rear sight at .251" at middle and each end. The replacement Trijicon night sight measures at .250" at the middle and each end.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2011
  7. Dave.1


    Dec 12, 2009
    In addition to the R to L removal, I made a shim to put under the slide plate on the MGW. It raises the slide so the pusher just barely clears the top of the slide. Not perfect but I think it helps.

  8. brockgl


    May 10, 2010
    Wow, thanks for taking the time to check that!
  9. brockgl


    May 10, 2010
    That is a good idea! I might definitely give that a shot!
  10. 1006


    Aug 12, 2007
    Newnan, Georgia
    The plastic sights are not designed to be installed twice. Sometimes, you can get lucky, but most of the time--for me--the metal piece on the bottom comes off. Dave's shim sounds good.
  11. familyman357


    Jan 17, 2006
    Northwest Ohio
    I have the MGW sight pusher too.
    Metal sights install with no problem.
    I've installed three never-used factory plastic sights using it.
    Each time, I followed the directions exactly.

    The first one installed with no problem.
    The other two got mangled.

    I don't know if it's a material problem (maybe the plastic is too soft -- although I doubt it), but I think I'm going to try using a shim on the next one!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2011
  12. Dave.1


    Dec 12, 2009
    I have put on plastic sights with the MGW but only using a shim on the tool.

    The only way I've ever gotten plastic sights off intact is with a brass punch and I think that's a good way to install them too. If all you want to do is plastic factory sights I"d probably recommend saving the money and sticking with a punch. You can get right down to the base of the sight that way.
  13. pkdmslf


    Mar 1, 2009
    I checked the instructions on the MGW model 309 (Glock factory sights) sight tool and it does say to remove the rear sight from Left to Right and to install the rear sight from Right to Left. It also has 3 exclamation marks after those particular instructions. Hmmmmmm?

    I have not had to use the tool yet but am curious.
  14. cciman


    Jan 19, 2009
    SW Ohio
    I thought I read that somewhere.

    I think it is in here too:

    The Complete Glock Reference Guide - 3rd Edition

    I have not destroyed any plastic sights to date, using this direction. (6 of them)
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2011
  15. GRR


    Dec 29, 2004
    Bessemer, AL
    Never had any problem with mine. Removed and reinstalled the plastic sights many times.
  16. dkf


    Aug 6, 2010
    I always tap my sights out with a plastic punch and they come out in like new condition. IMO a lot of the sight pushers out there have a flaw in that they are designed to be universal. Being universal is good in that you can use it on many different sights however the tradeoff is not pushing some sights where they should be pushed thus causing damage. I always used DannyRs tip on my sights, using oil on the dovetail during installation. Some way oil does wonders.