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  1. I suggest 148gr wadcutters as the first type of round shot by the newbbie through a 38 snubbie. They are lower recoil than any other load. Doesn't matter the brand, but they have to be that load.

    I too can shoot a semi-auto more accurately (generally), no argument there :)

    Also, you can get different grips, bigger, longer, to make a snubbie have less felt recoil, if you want to.

    Switching to a semi-auto is fine. Whatever works and is reliable and the shooter likes for his or her purposes. No argument there either :)

    I just don't agree with those who would suggest that no woman consider a snubbie for a carry gun. Snubbies are great guns and should be considered along with the semi-autos. They may not be picked always, but sometimes they are the perfect solution and fit.

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  2. Is there something wrong with hand loads for sd? I use hand load gdhp 180s in my g20.

  3. Short answer is this - yes, there is. Not from a performance or reliability aspect, but from a liability aspect when you actually shoot someone with it.

    I would suggest posting this question in the Go Ask the Experts - Self Defense section. Mas Ayoob will give you a much better answer than most anyone else on GT can. He will also explain the liability issues you would face using hand loads for SD.
  4. +1 I have been 100% happy with my CM9. Easy to handle and really easy to slip into a pocket or purse.
  5. Like WP said people think if you ever were in a SD shooting and had to go to court the lawyers would make a big deal about reloading your own ammo.
    Like you were looking for a fight. I would use quality factory SD ammo like Gold dot or CD.
  6. Yep. doesn't matter how true it is, it matters how much the jury buys the BS the prosecutor is slinging to make you look bad. It does happen, and I believe Mas has documented cases of it happening.

    Like I said, either search previous posts in the GATE Self Defense forum for posts on hand loads for SD, or post a new thread to ask. Mas has addressed the issue several times over.
  7. Congrats! As long as she likes it and feels good to her is all that matters.
  8. Just ordered glaser safety slugs thanks for the advice.
  9. Revolvers are always a great solution for new shooters, reguardless of caliber. She already shoots a full sized 10mm without issue, I think a snubby chambered in .357 isn't going to bother her. The great part about a .357, you can still shoot .38 from it. So, she can practice with it cheaper, and if .38 is easy for her to handle, she can try .357. It has versiatility and adaptability in 1 gun, that can grow with her.

    My girlfriend always prefered autos, but we already had a .38 snub when I bought her an SR9c. She should definately handle and shoot both. I put over a dozen guns in my GF's hand before she settled on the SR9c.
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  12. What if she doesn't have time to stick it in the purse before firing ?
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    I had been looking for a small thin 9mm auto for ccw. I settled on a KelTec PF9. Yeah I know let the flaming begin. Anyway, I figured having good luck with my P40 and P32, why not give the PF9 a try. I got it home and done all the fluff and buff normally associated with the KelTecs and loctited the extractor screw.

    Wife and I took it to the range. I have been trying to get her to pick out a ccw pistol for her purse. She fell in love with the PF9. It is her purse ccw pistol now. I had to go back to the LGS and buy me another one to replace the one she took from me.
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  14. BobCZ

    I believe that one should NOT make a choice of CC for a new shooter. But rather do what I am doing. New GF wants to learn to shoot, zero experience. I agree to work with her if she does several things.

    1. Pass a written test, all the basic information on safety and nomeclature. (done)
    2. Commit to be a shooter and not just a gun owner. (in progress)
    3. In conjunction to #2 train (in progress)
    4. Practical experience on different handguns, J frame, Glock 19 17 & 26, CZ 75b, 1911, Sig, 686, Smith body guard .380.
    5. Read and learn on the subject matter. The website www.corneredcat.com is a great site for women shooters.

    I don't see any reason why a smart woman with mutiple degrees that works in critical situations in healthcare needs me to "pick out" a gun for her. She is more than capable of making that decision based upon her growing knowledge and experience.

    I am not even going to go with her when she buys her first pistol.

    If she would go buy tomorrow, she has said it would be a Glock 19. I was suprised by this, thought she would favor the 26 at 5'3" 110 lbs.
    (BTW she has not had one misfire while I shot with her so no LW)
  15. janice6

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    The OP says "A purse gun".

    You can fire a 642 SA & W while it is still in the purse, 5 times.
  16. Jade Falcon

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    Let her go to the range, or gunshop, and handle a bunch of guns until she finds the one she likes, that fits her hand and shooting grasp well. As much as you try to offer her guns, the fact of the matter is, she may end up with one that recoils too much. For example: can she handle the sting and recoil of a J-frame with full-house loads? If not, she's going to have a hell of a time defending herself when the SHTF.

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