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  1. If you actually owned both a 642 and a G26, you would see that the difference in length is less than one-quarter of one inch. And I seem to remember than the 642 is actually taller than the G26. Most people would not consider less than 1/4" to be "a lot" smaller.

    And in fact, the 642 is much, much closer in size to a G26 than it is to a PM9 (which I also own as well). Why is this? Because the J and the G26 are both wider than 1", while the PM is less than 1". Both the J and the G are longer than the PM by close to an inch, and they are both taller than the PM too.

    Sounds like you need a tape measure....

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  2. You bought a Taurus auto? :wow: Hand loading SD rounds? :wow:

  3. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    I'll double your :wow::wow: and raise you a :shocked:
  4. I own all 3, have carried all 3, and also own a ruler and a scale. The 642 is a lot smaller than the G26. There's much of the 642 that is more than 1/4" thinner than the 26.

    The 642 and PM9 are similar in size and weight, but of different shape. My own opinion is that the 642 conceals better than the PM9 in IWB, but I am carrying the PM9 as I type this.
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  5. Don't forget about the Kel-Tec PF-9 for around $250 ...if saving some $ is on the to do list :) Hornady +P Critical Duty should be effective.
  6. Cool. Hope you or she can write up a review of that Taurus she is buying. :)
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    Take a look at the new Sig Sauer 380. Much better than Ruger LC9. My neighbor just got the Sig Sauer 380 and is dumping the Ruger 380. The Ruger IMO is no
  8. manonmars

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    Last summer, on a hot morning, I was walking on a BLM road with my Big Dog (NO, not my g-30:supergrin:)

    I was carrying my Kel-Tec P-11, which I rarely carry, because it is not fun to practice with..but it was hot................ already.

    My dog flushed a fawn, chased it, got it by the neck, and was convinced that this was breakfast.

    This was about 30 yards ahead of me, so I knew I was too far away to Physically do anything in time......

    I am not into killing fawns.

    So I grabbed my P-11 and fired off a round into the dirt about 20' in front of me, hoping to shock my dog into releasing the fawn.

    He did, but not because of shock, but because I was yelling at the top of my lungs!!!!

    Afterwords, in thinking about it, I did NOT even feel the recoil from the P-11,................... which I do very much when I am plinking with it.

    SO............conclusion.............get a reliable gun you feel comfy with, and practice until you get good with it.

    If you ever actually need to use the gun to defend anything, any recoil/uncomfortableness/etc. is meaningless...you won't feel it in real life...

    ...But get something with capacity. 22's have killed a lot of people. (NOT endorsing a 22 for Pers. Prot).

    You never know how many ZOMBIES might be attacking at one time................:supergrin:
  9. CM9 is a great gun.
  10. well after reading 3 pages of this, M&P15 keeps saying a snubby has too much recoil...all of the tiny, light weight autos I have shot (along with an X & new wife) have just as much recoil, if not more than a snubby...so with a light charged LSMWC in a 38 special is my vote as well....& I'm a hairdresser, so I talk to women much more than you do,( most likely)...& just another .02 cents...my X-wife & current wife, carry an air frame snubby...& yes they have plenty of other guns that I already own to choose from...but I got to buy another gun...win, win
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  11. Exactly.
  12. I bought my girl a S&W Bodyguard .38 good for at night with laser.
  13. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    Not trying to exasperate the argument in this thread that was started for no reason but I figured I'd comment before this thread got locked.

    I've owned many small semi-autos in .32,.380,9mm and 45acp. I've also owned quite a few snubs in .38spl and .357. For me, I can shoot the smaller semi-autos faster with much less felt recoil.

    I guess it depends on who is behind the gun and what their individual capabilities are but I've let quite a few women shoot my snub nose revolvers and not a single one liked it over the semi-autos. The last one I took to the range was my aunt. She used to own a heavy .357 SP101 that she only shot standard (not +P) .38spl loads out of and said it had to much recoil. I have one and find .357 loads quite easy to manage. Well she sold hers and was looking for a new firearm. I had her rent a .380 PPK and although it was manageable, she still didn't care for it. I then rented her a PK-380 and she loved it. After shooting it myself, it seems to be set up for people that have a hard time racking a slide and/or are sensitive to recoil. To me, it was like shooting a heavy full size .22lr.

    I'm not going to sit and take sides, but not many women (and some men for that matter) like the recoil of a lightweight snub and prefer semi-autos. Some can take the recoil but don't like the flip and slower follow-up shots. Some may even buy a snub just to test fire once and let it live in a pocket or purse the rest of it's life. This is why I always suggest to rent before buying because only the actual final owner of the gun will know what he/she likes.

    Remember, whatever firearms someone chooses for carry, make sure it's a gun that will be practiced with enough on a regular basis.

    These are my opinions and should be taken as just that. :thumbsup:
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    Nice to see someone else picked up on that as well,......:whistling:
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    Darn good post! Many great points! The quote above is THE most important
    information in this entire thread! :thumbsup:
  16. Sure they are they always do. If she likes the Taurus than that's the gun for her and it will serve her just fine.
  17. My GF first mag from a LCP this was the first 6 rounds she shot. She shoots her 442 just as well. All this talk about a woman can not shoot a snub is total BS.
  18. Snipped to prevent wall of text.

    While I completely agree with you in theory, I have had the opposite experience with women I have taught to shoot, or helped get better - with the sole exception of my 62 year old arthritic mother, every single one has handled a J-Frame well, both with standard ball loads and 158gr +P loads. They all also appreciated the simplicity, and the fact that they didn't have to rack a slide, which most of them found somewhat difficult. My mom now has a S&W 327PD for her night stand, and absolutely loves the thing, even with full house .357 Mag loads.

    However, you are 100% correct, that each shooter (man and woman) needs to determine what works for them, and go from there.
  19. You raise good points. Did you ever try 148gr wadcutters in the snubbie? They are soft recoiling.

    Going to the PK380 was a good idea, since that is larger and heavier than an airweight snubbie, and shoots a less powerful round, thus keeping recoil down.
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  20. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    Well my aunt had a SP101 that is quite heavy (26oz) compared to the Walther (19.4oz) so I don't think it was the weight. The fact that the slide of a semi-auto absorbs some of the recoil is why most can shoot a semi-auto easier and more quickly while staying on target. With a revolver, all of the force is directed back into the frame. This may not be the case for everyone, but it was for my aunt.

    I have semi wadcutters in .38spl. and no matter how low recoiling of a load, I can still shoot my sub-compact 45acp guns (even with +P 230gr. ammo) quicker and more accurately.

    Like I said, most people perceive guns in a different way. The .380 is a lighter recoiling round, but is plenty for defense. My SP101 sees very limited use by accompanying me on bike trips, otherwise it's a semi-auto 99% of the time.

    I like revolvers but usually prefer the bigger frames like my GP100 or Redhawk. I see advantages to semi-autos like faster reloads, less recoil, quicker follow up shots and a slimmer profile. Many would not agree with me and that's fine since what works for me may not work for them. Considering we're all individuals with different tastes and wants, it shouldn't really be any different when choosing a firearm for recreation or defense.
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