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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Usmcfox, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Ok so my girlfriend works night shift as a nurse, and often times has to stop and drop off blood work, tests etc. she expressed to me she would like a pistol to cc. Me being the firearm enthusiast / firm believer in cc took her shopping and me being a glockophile showed her the g26 first she said it was too big. Then the ruler lcp I believe in .380 and she said it was small and asked to see what the ammo looked like. So I showed her and she said " wow that looks like a baby compared to your 10mm. She shoots my g20 just fine so not a huge concern about recoil. But my question does anyone know of a decent semi-auto or hammer less revolver smaller than a g26 that still packs a punch?

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  3. Many medical institutions are prohibited zones for concealed carry, so that's the first thing you might want to keep in mind.

    I'd look at a 642 or 442 S&W J-frame, with a respectable quality pocket holster (especially if she's handy enough to sew it in place inside the purse), and loaded with quality JHP. I'm partial to the old FBI load (158gr LSWCHP in +P), but the Short Barrel Gold Dot load from Speer is supposed to be quite nice, as well

  4. Something like the Ruger lc9 would be the natural choice.

    When she said the G26 was too big, I assumed she meant the grip/width was too large.
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  5. A hammerless revolver such as an S&W 442 will be lighter in weight than a G26, but it will not be smaller. The footprint is shaped differently, but length/width/height will be about the same. And too, the only ones that will pack a substantially bigger punch than a good +p 9mm HP load would be the small .357's, which are rather punishing to shoot.

    You might consider the small 9mm and .40 semi-autos, which are substantially smaller than a G26. Good modern hollow-point loads in these two calibers pack plenty of punch for self-defense. The Beretta Nano has just become my favorite of this group, but other very good choices are the Kahr CM9 or the slightly larger CW9, and the Sig P290.
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  6. Ahmid


    Hands down short barrel light weight 38 special. Either Ruger or S&W.
  7. manonmars

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    Can't conceal a 26?

    Does she have a really small purse?:supergrin:
  8. Every girl I've shown my PPK/S to loves it.


    Chicks seem to dig them. Good stopping power and small enough to purse.
  9. J-Frame Airweight (442/642). Loaded with Speer GDHP 135gr +P. Purse or pocket carry in a Galco Pro 158. It's not smaller than a 26, but feels smaller (don't know how that's possible, but it is) and is absolutely reliable.
  10. Well first thing is the glock 26 was too wide should have said that. The double tap eh just seems like an expensive gimmick. Plus she is a good shot but I've seen her when she gets scared before and I think in a pinch 2 rounds isn't enough. The walther looks good well have to check that out, and the j-frames are nice I have one in my car but she hates shooting it says it's uncomfortable. Thanks for all the ideas you guys are good people.
  11. Try a Kahr CM9 or PM9. 6+1 of 9mm in a small but controllable package.
  12. .32 and .380 are not what I would call "good stopping power."
  13. hogship

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    You know, I've never really thought of the PPK/S as a "gender specific" firearm, but now that you mention it.......Yeah, women do seem to gravitate to it for whatever reason...........(It unquestionably has very refined style and is small enough to be thought of as "non-intimidating"......women seem to pick up on these things.)
    I've heard some people complain of the recoil because of the fixed barrel, but to my way of thinking, it's not bad at all. It's all steel, and the 380 does not have that much recoil in the Walther frame. I suspect with some who comment in the negative, it's more anticipation than real sensitivity......

  14. hogship

    hogship It's MY Island

    Certainly, there are more powerful cartridges, but I'd say "adequate" would be a satisfactory description of the performance that can be had from the 380acp.

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  15. I've always thought of anything under .38 Special +P as a "dump the mag and run like hell" caliber. I've never seen either as adequate for a primary defense gun, unless situation or physical ability prevent use of something heavier. Depending on the skill of the shooter, even .38 +P can fall in that category. However, I'd have no problem carrying .32 or .380 in a backup gun.
  16. I have a CM9 . Very concealable . Completely reliable . Great gun .
  17. x2.....
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    I was gonna suggest kahr cm9, ruger lc9, or diamondback db9...
  19. What about the LC9?

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