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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by eaglesfan55, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. eaglesfan55

    eaglesfan55 (>'-')>

    I'm looking to buy a used rear sight pusher. The factory glock one. If anybody is willing to part w/ theirs would you let me know.
    much appreciated.
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  3. The factory sight pusher is O.K. IF you are only planning on removing/replacing stock, factory plastic sights.
    For any other application, a sturdier, heavier duty tool is a much better bet.
    I have installed Meprolight night sights on a couple of Glocks using the factory tool.....
    I've also dated a few ugly girls & drank some cheap beer in my life.
    NONE of these are things I would prefer to do again.
    For any serious work, I'd suggest the Meprolight sight press. It's expensive, but it will work on any known pistol slide except a Desert Eagle.
    And I have changed sights on a D.E. but it takes time, a sturdy bench vise with padded jaws, a couple of brass drift punches (you WILL ruin a couple in the process) and a 2# hammer isn't overkill for this job !

    uncle albert

  4. eaglesfan55

    eaglesfan55 (>'-')>

    I would be using it to put in aftermarket sights of various sorts. I've been leaning towards a 3rd party tool. One that can do other mfg's wouldn't hurt at all either.
  5. I suggest saving till you can afford the Mepro tool. They also have a Kimber-specific pushing block for the Kimber shape dovetails....this also works on the new FN pistols & a lot of others. From Brownell's, the total outlay will be a bit over $400, but well worth it.
    Doing a sight job with zero aggravation make a day go well !

    I've used several tools in the past, some borrowed, some homemade, some factory. The tool from Meprolight beats them all.

    uncle albert
  6. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee Drop those nuts

    I also suggest not getting the Glock tool because it's flimsy compared to a few others you could get. I have the MGW tool for Glock sights with slanted sides. It's just about strong enough to pull semi trucks out of the ditch. And it was actually a few bucks cheaper then the Glock tool at the time (a couple years ago). The Glock tool is for plastic sights only IMO.

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