PSA uppers?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by cangler, Dec 25, 2012.

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  3. I bought a mid-length upper a few months ago. It's performed perfectly on my M&P lower and seems to be of good quality. Was a little over $300 with shipping. Sure glad I picked it up given what's transpired in the last two weeks.

  4. They're ok. Sometimes it seems as though it's a gamble to get a good one. They also seem to be having a hard time getting shipments out the door and when they do arrive there have been reports of parts missing.
  5. I ordered an upper from them on Dec 17 and received it on the 21st. Everything looks good on mine.
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  6. TedG

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    I've purchased 3 different uppers from PSA and the quality, fit, and finish was excellent on all three. PSA has good products at a good price.

    As stated earlier, shipping sometimes takes longer than ideal, but the product/price is worth the wait.
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  7. they are great because of the FN made barrels. PSA on left

  8. mvician

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    I've bought two, both have been great.
  9. Good quality components, but with high demand they're rushed and let quality control slip sometimes, so check over anything you buy (that's true of other companies also). For example, I found some flashing around a hole in an extractor that I bought. Be aware that they've been sold out of bolt carrier groups a lot lately, so don't assume one will be available whenever you order your upper.
  10. 2 here as well and both great. :)
  11. Purchased a PSA mid-length, and received it with a canted front sight base. Disassembled the upper and found the indexing notch was off center. Also discovered that PSA uses what appears to be motor oil to assemble their uppers, not the proper anti-seize grease. PSA offered to fix or replace the upper, but I did the work myself as I didn't trust their claim of 1 week for replacement, and I have little faith in their quality control now.

    Looking over their forum on ARFCOM, they seem to be very hit and miss. Some folks have great experiences with them. Some are not so great.
  12. Based on what I see, you would be lucky to find an upper better than PSA in stock anywhere. They are even close to sold out it looks like
  13. How far off center? Far enough that it couldn't be sighted in?
  14. Far enough off that it was visibly canted. I noticed it before I even got a chance to zero it. I tried getting a good photo of it before I fixed it, but the photos always made it look straight. Two other people looked at it, though, and agreed it was off. When I disassembled it, the index notch in the upper was definitely off center.

    After I opened the notch up a hair, the A-frame looks straight, but I had to go about 12-16 clicks right on the rear MBUS to get it zeroed. Enough to be annoying, but not enough to be a major problem.

    Fortunately, the rifle runs well and seems to be fairly accurate from the minor testing I have done with it so far. I'm planning to be back on the range with it tomorrow to start running it at 100-300 yards.
  15. PSA uppers are very good quality, i own several. Although you find a member here that never even held a PSA talk them down every chance he gets. That should speak volumes to any self thinking people.
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  16. michael_b

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    I bought their mid length heavy premium upper back in September and it has been fantastic.

    I was fortunate and have had no issues, slight adjustment to the rear MBUS to the left and it shoots great.

  17. You say this in every thread you are in. Can you please get off of PSA's nuts?
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  18. SFW


    I order a PSA Black Friday M4 upper. Runs great and I've had zero issues with it.
  19. Since I'm the only (edit: correction, GAFinch made a comment about an extractor he bought...) person that made a negative comment about PSA here, I assume you are referring to me. In that case, please find a different thread to **** on.

    Considering my PSA upper is sitting in my safe at the moment, I'd love to know what "proof" you think you have that I am full of it, and "never even held a PSA" before.
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