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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Fwdftw, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Lookin good.

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  2. Jer


    Not only did I have to email them to get my upper delivered later than advertised (which was already a generous lead time) but they sent me the wrong profile barrel. Whatever, not the end of the world I guess but just putting the information out there for others to take into account when ordering from PSA.
  3. What did they send you? What did you order?
  4. Jer


    I ordered a 16" midlength w/pencil profile barrel (lightweight) and they sent me a FBI profile barrel (standard) instead. There was some confusion at the time of order which I cleared up via email immediately and was assured that the correct upper would be sent which clearly didn't happen. These are the sorts of mistakes that can happen when it takes a month to ship an upper I suppose.
  5. That stinks that you didn't get what you wanted.

    I don't think they sell a pencil barrel. Mine is a lightweight mid length also. It steps down some in front of the sight base but it isn't anywhere near pencil diameter.

    I'm not sure what forum it was but someone had complained about this and PSA said that they would put on their site that the lightweights wasn't .625 at the FSB. I looked then and it was there but I don't remember seeing it when I ordered my CHF 16" rifle kit.
  6. Mmmm. Ford, GM, Chrysler and many others car manufacturers don't "make" anything either by that definition. They are, by their nature, assembly plants. Even when they have other plants that meet that "make" definition they each have unique names. Just food for thought. :wavey:

  7. Your upper wasn't delivered later than advertised, it just seems that you and others can't read or count for whatever reason. For the third time stated in this thread.... the site said 15 business days. Going by your own words you orded on 4/23 and it was shipped around 5/9? 5/10? 12-13 business days.

    You also said previously that you had made a mistake on the ordering part so the "confusion" was apparently yours. Granted I'll give you they didn't correct it, but it seems all PSA is guilty of is not correcting your order after you made a mistake.
  8. Jer


    Do you own stock in PSA or something?

    Yeah, it WAS delivered later than advertised so I would appreciate you not trying to discredit my statements when everything is here clearly for anyone to see. It took 20 business days to get it in my hands. It shipped AFTER the generous quoted shipping time. Thanks for trying to correct me on everything though.

    Yes, I already said that it wasn't a huge deal given the circumstances but the more you make me think about this the more upset I'm becoming. I sent them a message the night I ordered (4/22 to be exact, a Sunday) and then when I got no response I called them first thing in the morning and got VM. Nobody ever bothered calling me back. I finally got a response to my message and they said that I needed to clarify which upper I wanted. I stated that I would gladly cancel that order and place another one for the upper I wanted. They assured me that this wasn't a problem and the correction would be made. At that point I don't give a hobo's crap who's mistake it was or what mistake was made.... the ball was in their court. They took the ball and ran with it and it was out of my hands at that point. Bottom line is they dropped the ball. Period. You can try all you want to pin this on me but the fact of the matter was I did everything within my power to rectify the situation. THEY told me not to cancel the order and place a new one. THEY told me that it would be taken care of. THEY shipped the wrong upper. Still want to pin this on me?

    I can't believe PSA has fanbois already...
  9. [

    I can't believe PSA has fanbois already...:rofl:
  10. Not trying to do anything. I'm just pointing out YOUR statements. In which if I follow them correctly, your upper was shipped within the quoted time. Now if it was tied up in shipping...... not really their fault. Rather not what they promised. So please explain how it shipped after the quoted time.....

    Again.... not rocket science.....and not trying to discredit your statments, I'm just highlighting what YOU said. If you mispoke then I can't help you. So, I'm in fact just going on YOUR statements. In this last quote you still didn't understand that it was 15 business days because you were whining about it not being here in 14 days. Again for the short bus kids.... You ordered 4/23......given a tracking number by your posts on 5/9, 5/10. Funny thing is, with all the whining in this thread, most people had their upper delivered within 15 business days as it says.... it will SHIP within.

    As for the whole "want to pin it on me" rant, already said they are guilty of shipping the wrong upper after you admittedly ordered the wrong one.

    As to the cliche and tired fanboy comments....if you need to label me as such then great.... I'll give you that if you need I now own ONE of their uppers. The one I ordered in this thread. Reality is..... I just call out stupidity when I see it. Nothing more.... nothing less. :cool: Cheers.

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