PSA sure is making it hard for me NOT to order from them...

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Bow Commander, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Was perusing the interwebs and decided to check in on the Palmetto State Armory website. I have a stripped lower, and an upper. Was in need of an LPK, stock, grip, and wanted a different hand guard.

    Found this for $129.95 + free shipping :wow:

    And this for $28.45 + free shipping

    I'll probably be getting their BCG + charging handle from them for $157.99 in a few weeks.

    Getting close to being "done" :elephant:

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  3. i built my AR with that same LPK. i love it so far. i have been very happy with everything ive bought from PSA.

    now all you have to do is click the "Place Order" button....just do it!!!:supergrin:

  4. Great products that they stand behind. Great customer service - good vibes all around. Uncommon in today's marketplace. Kudos!
  5. They have several good deals right now. The PRO+Mbus deal and $399 shipped for S&W M&P both caught my eye.
  6. Too late! I couldn't resist. I bought the build kit and hand guard right before posting this.

    I'm lucky I had the self control not to add the BCG and CH to my cart too :teddy:

    So far I've got:
    Upper for $299
    Stripped lower for $89
    LPK + Magpul grip, stock, handguard for $158

    Only $546 in to it with pretty decent components. Just need BCG and CH to be done, then it's optic time.
  7. Looks like you're only going to be into it for a little over $700 for a nice rifle. :thumbsup:
  8. I saw those too. Tempting indeed.

    Thanks! Yea that's the figure I am looking at. About $725 give or take.

    Next dilemma I can see coming is spring for BCM BCG and Gunfighter CH? Or go with PSA BCG and milspec CH? Choices...
  9. Well I bought a complete upper and I just sprung for the BCM Gunfighter tonight. With the minimal difference in price between the PSA and BCM bcg's I'd spend a few bucks more for the BCM.
  10. ustate

    ustate NRA Member

    When I was building my AR a few months ago I bought from them, excellent product and service. Once I build another rifle I'll be buying from them again.
  11. Thanks for your input, I am definitely leaning that way. Sounds like everyone loves their Gunfighter CH and BCG's from them.
  12. NBT


    Same here and the Classic LPK from Palmetto was great...for the $$ it was a solid LPK. The kit was put in a "budget" AR build for pig hunting.
    Couldn't have been happier with PSA and all their products....been ordering from them for years.
  13. I love PSA. The only bad thing is they're prices went up a bit. When I built my first one, BCG+Charging Handles were $99.
  14. Holy crud. $99 would be incredible.
  15. They were $70 on my first. $80 on my second and third CH included.
  16. Wish they would do that fathers day sale like last year!!! $49 for stripped lower!!!!
  17. Absolutely! I bought 4! I've built two, one is waiting on a SBR stamp, and the other is waiting on a great idea to pop in my head :supergrin:

  18. That'd be great! I'd get a few just because.

    Very nice! Are those Vortex Strikefire optics?

  19. They look like Aimpoint PRO's
  20. GSSF17

    GSSF17 ...2 of 'em

    ....yep- I remember that too. Still good stuff at a good price, IMO.
  21. Thank you :wavey:

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