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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Sampo, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Just picked up a CMMG lower and was shopping around for a LPK. I have already decided that I want Magpul furniture, so I figured this seemed like a decent deal... What say ye?

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  2. Good equipment. You will not be sorry.

  3. madecov

    madecov book em' Danno

    I've done about 6 builds using Palmetto parts. No issues. One of the best triggers from a home assembly I have had on all 6.

    Palmetto is very good for the price.
  4. caviteno_loco

    caviteno_loco Armed_Nurse

    Go for it.
  5. IGotIt

    IGotIt No Demlibtards

    4 builds with PSA....all good.
  6. one build , gtg

    p.s. when they ship you the LPK they may neglect to send you a tracking number, mine came as a surprise
  7. SquackDaddy

    SquackDaddy NRA member

    I'm doing two builds with PSA LPK's in them. So far I'm very impressed with the quality of the triggers......enough to buy two BCG's from them also! :cool:
  8. The lpk I got from them is nice. No out of spec parts. Everything was nicely organized and not just thrown into a bag.

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