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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by freakshow10mm, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. JR

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    The majority of our customers purchase our barrels to shoot commercial reloads or their own reloads using jacketed, hard coat or plated bullets. We do not hear anything but GOOD NEWS from these guys.
    Your average Glock shoots 4 to 6 inches at 25 yds. If you shoot 6" at 25 yds I guarantee you will reduce your group size by simply swapping to one of our barrels.

    FYI: During the mid 90's I was a sponsored shooter. I received free guns from Glock, free equipment from Safariland, free lead from A-Zone, free powder from Vihtavuori powder and Pro Load would load it all for FREE. Needless to say I had lots of trigger time and plenty of experts to draw conclusions from. After a single year (about 50K rds) it was the clear consensus of all mfgs, lead bullets should be avoided in Glock factory barrels. Yah, we set out to prove Glock Inc wrong regarding the use of lead bullets in their factory barrels. All we did was prove them right.

    Believe what you want.

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  2. Steve Koski

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    That's pretty damn long to fit in a Glock .40 mag.

  3. missouri bullets 147 gr. lfp with WSF. See hodgdons manual for data
  4. WiskyT

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    I shoot 10mm all the time in my G27.

  5. While waiting for my G27 and G30 LWD barrels to be correctly reamed to the "Colt" specs that have been in their shop since May 9, 2012, I've been keeping my eye on my inbox for any emails.

    Surprise...... today I got an email from them notifying me that my order had shipped. The order that was shipped to me was for a ............get this:

    1. LWD Team Lone Wolf hat, black

    2. Team Lone Wolf Tshirt gray - XXX large

    I did not order either one of these items..........................................and now I'm worried that some big guy may be having my barrels shipped to him.

    The circus continues.......but I'm sure the Colt reamer has been ordered.........Yeah......
  6. Nice at least you will look silly at the range while your NOT shooting your gun.
  7. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    It could be he's sending you some swag under separate cover. Maybe he put a gratis order in for you and it triggers a generic email telling you your order has shipped.

    Hopefully your barrels will be shipped shortly. Hopefully they will work.
  8. Yep sounds like a freebee.
  9. Yep I shot lead bullets in my stock g23 for a number of year until one day it let go. Kaboom, it was a turning point for me. I kept and keep the barrel and chamber clean, not good enough.

  10. If your barrel was clean and free of any lead build ,how can you blame lead bullets for the kaboom ??
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  11. Zombie Steve

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  12. dkf


    Damn lead boolit compressed a double charge of powder.:fist:
  13. Not in a Glock .40!
    Around about 1.155" is all that will reliably feed from the magazine of a .40 Glock(depending on bullet shape) The barrel is NOT the limiting factor in COL in many barrels with many loads, its the magazine length.
    The 1.260" quote sounds suspiciously like the length many STI shooters use in their .40 guns. Only .400 caliber Glocks that have a magazine long enough to handle that 1.260" are the 10mm's (G29 and G20).
  14. You guys were right on. It was a box with some swag and also ONE of my barrels, the G27 that had been corrected.

    The enclosed note said that they had just received the .40 cal reamer and had fixed my G27 barrel but the .45 reamer was still in the mail!!!!! When they receive that reamer then they will send the G30 barrel back.

    The letter was from Dan in the armor shop and had an apology for the delay. It only took 97 days of shop time and 4 more days time in the mails. Not really what you would call fast service. Good thing I had no pressing need for it. Sounds like the personal at LWD is more oriented toward customer service than the owners.

    Once I get both barrels back I'll test them out with my reloads and compare them to the KKM barrels and the other .40's I have, a Sig 226 and a Sig 2340.
  15. A couple of days ago I finally got back my LWD barrel for my G30 standard length. So off to try those two barrels out for the G30 and the G27. It only took about 104 days for both barrels to be corrected. Great customer service.

    I had bought barrels from KKM to replace the LWD barrels when they would not feed my reloads so I took them along and also a Paraordinance P-14-45, a Sig 226 .40, and a Sig 2340 .40 to try out three different bullet shapes in both the 45 and 40 calibers.

    LWD G27 barrel - - functioned fine in all three different rounds of 40 ammo as did the two Sigs. No FTF or FTE and everything was working Ok. The accuracy of the LWD G27 barrel was a whisper behind the KKM barrel and about even with the two Sigs.

    LWD G30 barrel - - had about a 30% FTF and FTE with the three different bullet designs for the 45ACP. All the 45Auto bullet designs functioned flawlessly in the P14-45!!! Still puzzled about that one but one of the bullet designs was that H&G 205g round that is notorious for causing feeding problems. The P-14-45 out shot the LWD and the KKM guns but that P-14-45 has been modified extensively and is superaccurate. The KKM 45 barrel feed and extracted all the different bullet designs and the accuracy of the KKM was just about the same as the LWD.

    I am happy about having a G27 barrel that will function with any lead reload I throw at it and those lead reloads also work in 2 other .40 caliber shooters I have. Well pleased with the work done on it.

    The G30 barrel is still a miss and will be the paperweight for sure. I'm not aware of any additional steps that I can take to make it work when the same rounds function in my other 45ACP shooters as well as two of my buddies 45ACP's.

    The guys in the shop seemed to be apologetic for the delay and did perform on the 40 barrel, they also sent along a shirt and hat as a compensation.

    The management of the company seems to take other positions. While I appreciated the offer and the effort, the results of lengthy delay were only about 50% so I won't be a LWD customer in the future. Thanks but not thanks.
  16. WiskyT

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    I'm glad the 40's worked out for you. As for the 45, I don't know what all bullet(s) you used, but if they are anything like the HG 68, the shoulder is simply too abrupt for reliable functioning in a Glock with any barrel. People say they run "SWC" in their Glocks, but when you look at the bullet they are using, it will have a subtle and rounded shoulder that IMO is really a truncated cone. The extracting case hangs up on the shoulder of the live round under it in the magazine and I don't see how any barrel could change that.
  17. JR

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    On a happy note: LWD has the "GT Hole" reamer in house and ready to go. If anybody out there has the stomach to read through all these posts I guess they should be rewarded! I am more than happy to offer a chamber ream for free. All you have to do is ship us the barrel and include a simple note requesting the GT Hole. We will knock it right out and get it turned around within the next couple days.

    If you have any doubt regarding your load fitting the chamber please do the SMART thing and include a couple dummy rounds so we can verify.
  18. Email today:

    Thank you for your recent order.

    Your order was shipped on 10/3/2012

    Your invoice is attached.

    Lone Wolf Distributors

    Its only been 6 months :dunno:
  19. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    What were we talking about again?

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