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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by freakshow10mm, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. I will have to reload a few at longer OAL and see what happens. i went with the LWD barrel because fo the gun dudes. They swear by them but now I am a little upset simply b/c of how tight the dimensions are.

    My lead rounds measure .401 and they are super tight in that barrel most of the time. hopefully a longer OAL will help.

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  2. Here is JR’s plan. He has a couple options, both good for him.

    1) Make the new chamber for the barrel. The chamber he does not personally believe is needed and is not as good as the original chamber. Then half as$ try and sell it and say “See, I told you so”. He already said he would enjoy that.

    2) Same plan as above. But he sells a lot of them and makes more money to buy another Rolex.

    Either way, he wins. We all know he thinks his product is already perfect so he doesn’t believe in the concept.

  3. I would advocate for a recall of the previously sold overly short tight barrels before LWD moves into any new areas.
  4. Well I changed my OAL to as long as 1.160 which was about the limit for the magazine to function and STILL the rounds will not feed properly.

    Am wishing I had bought a KKM barrel or about anything else. Really do not want to spend another $30 to have it reamed just so that it will work.
  5. njl


    The only LWD barrel I've owned was a 6" G21 barrel, which I'm sorry to say I sold when I got rid of my first G21. I only shot factory ammo (primarily CCI Blazer) through it, and never had any trouble with it. Now that I reload, and have a G21SF, it should would have been handy to have kept the barrel.
  6. Glad I saw this thread, I was considering a LWD barrel.... I'll hold off and cycle the 1911 for a while on lead bullets. This is interesting...
  7. So i was getting extremely frustrated and decided to just screw around with 5 rounds and I ran them through an extra sizing die I have without the decapper in it and I had to laugh when they actually sized down to a size that the LWD barrel would load. They are unusable though as when you load them any longer than 1.125+/- they the bullet can almost be pulled out by hand.
    Just thought it was funny as I am extremely upset with the dumb barrel. .401 lead rounds just seem to big. The FMJ's I have load fine and pass the plunk test with ease but move to lead and its a no go.
  8. Just finished a run out to the desert to test out a few 45ACP rounds with a different powder through my G30 with the KKM barrel.

    Everything went bang and feed and ejected smoothly. It's nice not to have to bang on the back of your slide to fire the next round.

    Keep a plastic bottle hopping a lot at 20-25 rounds and had a blast hitting stuff out there. This KKM barrel appears to be more accurate than the Glock and LWD barrel.
  9. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    It's surprising how much better you can concentrate on the front sight when you don't have the thought of an impending jam in the back of your mind.
  10. I have a LW Barrel on a G23. It was noticeably tighter than stock and the stock barrel in my Kahr. . Talked to Dan Shepard ( there. I didn't need to look up my receipt.

    My G23 shoots great now.
  11. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    I am still trying to figure out where you guys figure LWD done you wrong? Seriously. Somehow you misunderstood the MATCH GRADE chamber you were purchasing would still chamber the lead reloads which you CLEARLY state do not conform to any SAMMI spec anyway. I think the contention here is the fact that we have you return the barrel and charge $30 to rechamber ...... to fit that non-spec load..... you knew would not fit the match grade chamber anyway.... right? I just wanted to try and get that point clear, right? Oh yah, I knew the reload would not fit unless.... oh yah..... it was the same as a factory round, lead load, like winchester cowboy loads? Which BTW, fit perfectly.

    Whatever it is, I MUST accept full responsibility for all the disgruntled (ness). Anyhow, I had a great conversation with Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Gauge today. Maybe some of you know him? Dave knows well what we do and why we do it, he built our reamers in the first place. BTW: The man has a stelar reputation in this industry. So, I have solid measurements HOWEVER it would do no good to post them. Given plenty of opportunity to post, non have complied, so I can only assume you would not understand dimensions anyway. Suffice it to say the $30 chamber modification we currently offer is one and the same used by Colt, Remington & Ruger. I guess we must have our ducks in a row because nobody has complained about a LWD modified chamber failing...... right?

    I guess the complaint MUST be about returning the barrel and paying $30 to modify it from a match grade to a standard Colt, Remington,Ruger grade.... oh yah, the same chamber you pay KKM and Storm Lake more (excessive) money for in the first place, right? I keep thinking this whole thread is about $30? There is 4 or 5 of you guys willing to perpetuate a hate thread over $30? Unfortunately I think this has grown far past a simple free service at this point. Offering free anything to this crowd would do nothing to resolve any ill feelings towards LWD.

    I think the only thing I can do, is change the barrel description on our web site to offer the purchaser a match grade chamber (as stated) or a reloaders chamber similar to the one offered by all the others?
  12. Well now I done it.....

    Today surfin eBay I ran across a LWD 10MM ported barrel for a very lo cost.* So I threw 100$ at it for S&G....* Well don't ya know the phone just "rang" with the eBay "harp" as my wife calls it and I won the thing for 103 TMD! Brand new from LWD.....

    So I still have the order with KKM for the 6" too.* I gonna keep that too and shoot both and have a lil test. I see the LWD is just about 5.5" and the KKM will be 6" but I'm wondering about the increased noise to the shooter. Hopefully will not be much and possible some of the flip will be redused as I will be shooting heavy hunting loads from it.

  13. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Regardless of which barrel one chooses, when reloading one should use a properly adjusted Lee Factory Crimp die in the final stage. Furthermore, on should check every round, both reloaded and factory new, with a gauge or the barrel itself. I shoot about 10,000 rounds per year and check every round. I've never had a problem with the LWD barrel in my "Unlimited" 9mm Glock.

    There are a lot of folks here that generate their own problems and blame their mistakes on others.:whistling:
  14. JR is the only one that doesn't seem to understand that when you advertise a barrel as being good with lead it should actually work with lead. KKM, Wilson and Storm Lake figured that out from the start.
  15. I understand I bought a match grade barrel but it also says safe to shoot lead with. If I load a FMJ round it works fine. if I load a lead round its to tight. The dimensions directly correlate to the extra .001 that is with lead and because of that it will not chamber. If I run it through the sizer a SECOND time it will just barely fit but the rounds are junk as the bullet can almost be pulled out. I just think a company should put something like "ok with lead but will need reamed out to function properly." Thats all.

    It is a nice barrel when shooting FMJ's I will give it that but I noticed ZERO change in groupings so it did not help accuracy. I still shot a 460 in PPC. The whole reason I bought the barrel though was to shoot lead. I see very little reason to buy an aftermarket barrel when the stock is as good as it is. Lead was the only reason for me. I tried loading as deep and as shallow as I could to allow for changes in brass and length. I found at least 1 out of 10 rounds at the very least that would not chamber. Just upsetting is all.
  16. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    No kidding. And he keeps bringing it up too. I guess he thinks that it's all good as long as we spell his name right.

    JR, since you asked (again), I'll explain it (again). The problem is you advertise a product as being suitable for shooting lead bullets through a Glock. This obviously means reloads. Then you sell a product that won't work for that application. You used to correct the problem for free, now you charge a fee. Now, you're dealing with some people here who have been reloading for 50 years, some who are commercial ammunition manufacturers, and you blame the reloader!

    You're entitled to have you're own opinion, and so are we. My opinion is that your chambers are too small and that you are too caught up in your own self to realize it. This opinion is held by many on this thread, but not all. Those who hold this opinion of your product, and and you, are critical of you and your product.

    I'll tell you, at age 10, I met the President of the US operation of Aston Martin. This is a guy that was selling custom made cars worth over $150,000.00 back in the 1970's. He spent an hour with me, showing me the cars even though he new I couldn't buy one. He sent me personal correspondence on bonded paper signed with a fountain pen a month or so later. That made on impression on me and I remember it like it was yesterday. Now not every CEO can afford to do things like that, but that is a classy way to do things.
  17. dkf



    Since JR is here maybe he can answer a question that comes up very often that nobody seems to have a definitive answer to. Where are LWD barrels actually manufatured? It came up again on another site yesterday so I thought I would ask.
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  18. Actually, I think that is the only solution. It is a fact that lead bullets are 0.001" larger in diameter, by design. This increased diameter is not a reloading error, it is intentional.

    If every dimension matches the SAAMI spec, with a lead bullet there will be zero clearance because the increased diameter of the lead bullet eats up the 0.001" clearance that the spec allowed. Zero clearance just isn't workable.

  19. dkf


    I agree F106.

    Here are SAMMI speced drawings for common Glock calibers both finished rounds and chamber sizes. Notice the +.004" -.000" tolerance on the chamber ID. Length tolerence is +.012" to +.015" -.000". Quite a bit of leaway. SandW.pdf Sig.pdf Automatic.pdf
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  20. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    That's been stated a few times in this thread. It's also been offered that you state up front in the barrel description of the $30 to cut the chamber to match ammunition provided by the customer. It's stated in the FAQ, but my experience running a website is the FAQ is the least visited page of all.

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