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Discussion in '5.7 X 28mm Club' started by 20SFLV, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I picked up the FN sling for the PS90, and I am trying to put it on. No problem with the front part of the sling, but I can't get the rear part on to secure it to the PS90. It looks like the velcro part is supposed to go through the slots in the rear of the PS90, but it won't go all the way through. The directions weren't all that helpful. Anyone have any ideas?
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  3. Shipwreck-The-Sequel

    Shipwreck-The-Sequel Beretta 92 Nut!

    I personally like the Urban ERT sling better than the FN sling. I like how how 2 point sling attaches... The rear part is easy to deal with, and the front attaches to the received. I think the FN one hooks to the barrel, doesn't it?

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    I would like pics of both slings. I just bought a ps90 on a whim, and I don't know anything about the aftermarket parts for these.
  5. One tip would be to soak the nylon, so that it will stretch and be more pliable. When it dries it will shrink and be on drum tight.
    It will go through, but sometimes you really need to finesse it.

    Good news, once it's on you don't have to remove it to disassemble.

    I have the Urban ERT on my PS90, I think it's a bit more versatile in terms of carry positions. Plus, if you purchase the right adapters, you only need one sling shared amongst several platforms.
  6. Shipwreck-The-Sequel

    Shipwreck-The-Sequel Beretta 92 Nut!


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