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pros and cons of .40

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by d62_4life, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. d62_4life


    Jan 3, 2010
    ok this is my first post i am brand new to gt and have been researching every brand of pistol i can think of and i am def. getting a glock. Now the only thing i need to decide on is the caliber. the gun is going to be for cc im a really big guy 6' 4'' 340 i can control just about any caliber i have ever shot. im just not sure what calibers are best for different situations. such as shoting through walls, cars, distance, etc.

    Thank you,
    D. Lo
  2. mclaren


    Dec 10, 2009
    10mm all the way. I was in the same position before i decided on the G20C. I could not rationalize getting a G22 when I could get a .40 conversion barrel for the G20. I can shoot the hell out of cheap .40 S&W. Dont sell yourself short. If you want penetration, flat shooting, hard hitting the 10mm is what you need. There is a round for every situation in this caliber. Lots of versatility.
    Shoot a 20 or a 29 you will love it.
    As far as terminal performance goes the 10mm has all the pros of a .40 (and more) and none of the cons.

  3. Jerrylundergard


    Dec 7, 2008
    The guy pimpin the 10 makes a good point. But, poppin in a 40sw barrel will never conceal as good as a G23. The G23 brings big boom boom to a small 9mm sized pistol. Plus, the 40sw has all the research behind it. The 10mm, while it has tons of potential, gets zero attention in the research and development departments. All the research is going to the 40 which means youll get the best bang for your buck with that caliber. The hollow tips available in 10mm suck in comparison to whats available in 40...

    The G23 is the best CCW pistol available, period.


    Dec 20, 2002
    Hard to argue with a G23 as a concealment gun. I prefer the G20 10mm, but I don't CCW. The big 20 has really top notch accuracy, but that won't matter at 7 yards. I'm buying a G19 for my personal protection pistol and possible CCW because I know I'll actually practice with it, something I seemed to avoid with .40s.
    Of course 9mm conversion barrels are available for the G23 for practice.
  5. M&P Shooter

    M&P Shooter Metal Member

    Jul 19, 2009
    Phila, PA
    The .40 is a great round and you can do a quick barrel change and shoot .357sig if you like in that weapon. I like the G23 because it's the same size as the Glock 9mm model and fires a larger diameter bullet. Great choice for a CCW weapon.
  6. ajstrider

    ajstrider Silent Warrior

    Apr 17, 2005
    Western Kentucky
    I concur with the above statement that the 10mm is the powerhouse. It is definitely the most powerful standard semi automatic cartridge out there. You can get some great wide flat noise lead bullets for hunting deer with it or jacketed hollow points for self defense. Ammo is also quite expensive for it. The grips on the G20 and G21 (same size) are too large around for me though, this may not be a problem with you since you are a bigger guy. I prefer the grip size on the 9mm/.40/.357 Glocks. The .357 sig is a great cartridge too. I feel after reviewing multiple test results and such that a smaller, faster bullet of solid construction penetrates all barriers better. This is what makes the .357 sig such a great round, it is basically a 9mm on crack. .40 caliber is a nice compromise of larger diameter and heavier bullet at a moderate velocity. For the record, the .357 sig is essentially a .40 casing necked down to 9mm caliber. The 9mm is the smaller bullet of the cartridges, and generally slower, but the +P ammo available today is quite potent. I chose the 9mm as my round of choice due to the fact that it has the cheapest ammo. I prefer to practice more and the cost of the ammo is a considerable difference as far as I am concerned. I do not feel undergunned at all with my 9mm's either.
  7. Waffentomas

    Waffentomas Semper Fidelis Millennium Member

    May 5, 1999
    Blue State
    All handgun calibers are woefully underpowered - even the 'almighty' 10mm. As long as you are at 9mm or above you will be fine. Yeah, I carry a 10mm also, but when I can't carry it, I carry either a 9mm or a .357 snub and feel well armed. I have no faith that any handgun caliber is going to do much to a BG, having seen first hand the amount of damage the human body can take from bullets and shrapnel, and stay in the fight . . so I'm really not particular to what caliber I carry. I reload and hunt, and the 10mm gives me the combo of a hunting handgun, and a fun hobby. I'd focus on gun type and how it shoots, and feels in your hand and on your hip, first and foremost. It'd be worthwhile to go to a range and rent some different guns and whatnot, shoot them, and then decide. Have fun.
  8. Tarowah


    Mar 2, 2009
    Greensboro, NC
    Unless you are a person that shoots alot or a person with unlimited funds that can shoot enough to be efficent with any caliber I would start with a G19 and go from there, a well placed 9mm round from a quality ammo company will make a bad guy just as dead as anything else, you will simply get far more range time with a 9mm over pretty much anything else out there.

    Dont get too caught up in the caliber war because imo it is the least important factor in picking your weapon, all calibers kill bad guys and all of them fail in one way or another, pick a weapon that you can shoot alot, once you have enough trigger time then I would start looking at something larger if you feel the need, I carry a G30SF as my EDC but I never feel under gunned with my wifes G19.
  9. AWESOMO 4000

    AWESOMO 4000

    Dec 7, 2008
    Highs: Bullets galore, 9mm-based platforms, fills perceived gap between 9mm and .45ACP, little cheaper than .357SIG and a lot cheaper than .45ACP.

    Lows: Twisty and snappy recoil in light guns, everybody has one, not as inherently accurate as 9mm, .357SIG, .45ACP (my experience...), little more expensive than a 9mm.

    I'm not a big .40 fan. I don't hate it. It works, obviously. I just prefer the .357SIG and 9mm guns that are originally designed in that caliber. If a bigger round is needed, I'd rather have a .45. Or a 4" Model 29. I traded off a P226 in .40 S&W for a 9mm Beretta M92FS 11 years ago. I found it picky with ammo, inconsistent, not all that accurate, and wildly over-rated.
  10. Here's what you want to do: buy two extremes. For example, you really MUST have a 9mm Glock collection if you are going to own Glocks. At a minimum, a G26 for carry and a G17 for range and HD. Now, you will also need a large cal and what better than .45acp, the American Classic? So you will need at least a G30 and perhaps a G21. See, there is no need for the intermediate cals i.e., .40. Get small and get large both in cals and in frames and you'll have everything you need.
  11. aujrb


    Jun 23, 2009
    East Alabama
    Hi D. Lo!

    I'll just give my two cents (that's what it's worth) on the one big pro I know of about the .40.

    You can find ammo EVERYWHERE! I know where I can go online to find any brand SD ammo in any bullet weight I would like. HST, Gold Dot, or Ranger. 155, 165, or 180gr.

    For range ammo...Go to Wal-Mart.

    For the 10mm, that's going to be more expensive, but you can get ammo from doubletap.

    Welcome to GT!:wavey:
  12. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    The .40 is a great cartridge. It packs plenty of power it's the same size of the 9mm Glocks so it can conceal very easily. The G23 and G27 are about the best choices one can make concerning a carry pistol.

    Pros: Potent, readily available, high capacity, big bullet
    Cons: some don't like .40 recoil, but it's a personal thing. I really like the .40 myself.
  13. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    There's no need to have .45 power and then some with 9mm like capacity? Seems to me that if you have a .40, you have no need for a 9mm or a .45.
  14. greenlion


    Jul 25, 2009
    North Carolina
    I vote G23 with
    1) a .357 SIG conversion barrel
    2) a 9mm conversion barrel

    You'd have 2 great defensive rounds to choose from, and one to save you $ at the range.
  15. d62_4life


    Jan 3, 2010
    i forgot to say i do have a kel tec p-11 . . . its a 9mm but i dont like it to much cuz the xtra long trigger pull but i have practiced with it a bit . . . i was wanting a bigger cal but i wanted to know what each cal was designed for or whatever.


    May 24, 2006
    Who Dat Nation
    Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement.

    Shoot the largest caliber YOU can shoot well.
  17. DRT


    May 6, 2001
    I agree with SDGLOCK23.
  18. bogey3737

    bogey3737 diablo azul

    Nov 15, 2005
    The Swamp!
    Try a .40, 9mm, .45, etc. Buy the one that feels the most comfortable and practice...a lot.
  19. Brass Nazi

    Brass Nazi NO BRASS FOR U!

    Jul 4, 2005

    PROS: It SUCKS less than the 9mm!