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Proper spring weight for model 34

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by RICKSR, Apr 13, 2011.



    May 28, 2010
    EAST HAVEN, CT.06513
    I have a new model 34 and just added on a Lone Wolf threaded barrel with a Major type comp. It will function most of the time,about 85-90% with factory ammo but not all of the time. It said in there ad when using this Major comp you need to use the following. LWD Compensator 9mm Major 1/2 x 28</SPAN>
    Light loads, reduced power loads and standard ammunition WILL NOT RUN RELIABLY. You must use +P, +P+, 9mm Major, or 357 Sig loads with this compensator. I do not have a source for this ammo and the ones i found were cost prohibited. Also i can reload but i do not want to run the gun that hot all of the time. 1st question. What is the stock weight of the model 34 recoil spring. #2. What recoil spring weight would be safe and is reccomened to drop down to for reliable use and not hurt or damage the gun. I generally use the least expensive such as Blazer 115 ge FMJ or any other brand such as Rem/UMC., Win/USA. or American Eagle etc. I do not like using Wolf or any other of that super hot russian stuff. It gives me the willies. Any and all help appreicated. Thanks, Rick Sr.:wavey: