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Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by rtba26, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Hello All! I have a G26 (stock sights). When I align the top of the front sight with the rear sight (so the tops are in line/level) a portion of the white dot (bottom portion) is covered by the rear sight, showing almost a half circle. Is this the proper sight picture?

    Thanks for your guidance.

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  4. Thanks for getting a good sight picture up Butch!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
    This is what you can do with proper fundamentals!

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  5. Butch, thank you very much for posting the proper Glock sight alignment. I recently acquired a new Glock 19 and was frustrated beyond belief because I was hitting consistently high. I went to the range after seeing your post/blog on proper Glock sight alignment and did great. I'm much happier now. Now to my question. The Glock sight alignment is not intuitive in my opinion since you end up having to cut off part of the circle on the front sight in the sight picture. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on other sights that have more intuitive sight alignment?

    I appreciate your thoughts.
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    You're quite welcome!


    I normally advise to simply use the post and notch (ignoring the white parts) for your most accurate shooting, and use the white dot in the white outline for very fast, close range shooting when a high degree of accuracy isn't when shooting the plate rack at GSSF matches (8 inch steel plates at 11 yards), it's just too hard to shoot sub 3 second strings when you take the time to perfectly align the sights for each shot.

    If new sights are your choice, ya simply have to find the ones that serve your purpose the best, I like to start looking at Ameriglo.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I've decided to experiment a little to see what works best for me. Last night I took a black marker and blacked out my rear sight. I then took white out and painted my entire front sight so I can easily see the top of the post. I'll hit the range this weekend and see how that works. Then, I think I'll black out the front post too, so I have black front and black rear and see what that's like. I figure that will help me figure out what type of after market sights I may like best. I guess we'll see.

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