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  1. Found 2 30rd promags on the rack at the local BPS for 18.99. Oh, and by the way,i left one for the next guy.

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  2. PROMAG - Please Remember Our Magazines Are Garbage.

    Hopefully you got one of the few that doesn't suck.

  3. MrMurphy

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    I'd have left both.
  4. I'll provide feedback. Fingers crossed. LOL!

  5. :rofl:
  6. FireForged

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    PROMAG will never get me again.... they got me twice but I will never even look at a promag product again.
  7. OP, My condolences to you and the next guy. My advice is return it. PMAG’s are not that hard to find right now.
  8. faawrenchbndr

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    Take it back and get a refund. For one, those sell for $8.99 & they have been junk for the last 15 years!
  9. Get rid of those Promags as fast as possible. Pick up some PMags or Lancers.
  10. Jason D

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    The boned me once...
    Never again.
  11. I use promags. They're great to practice malfunction drills with, I didn't even have to mess with them!
  12. Cole125

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    I have two 20 round Promags I use for bench shooting with my RRA Varmint, never ever had a issue with them.

    All my other mags are 30 round P mags, though.

  13. Priceless! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Get some pmags.......
  14. I can see them re-branding their entire magazine operation as a "malfunction drill" line, and selling them for 3x the cost as tactical aids :)
  15. :rofl:

    I just have someone shove empty brass or dummy rounds in my mags for malfunction drills. Sometimes the empties go in backwards, just to keep it interesting. 5-10 rounds per mag, with 1-3 duds of various types mixed in.
  16. samurairabbi

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    ... but at least they were superior to USA mags!

    Years ago, someone on beat you to.the.malfunction device idea. His "tactical training aid" idea explained in his thread ran on for about four paragraphs before the reader caught on that he was talking about a hurriedly produced late preban USA mag!
  17. I still have some Eagle AR mags that I bought almost 10 years ago with side-unrolling springs (actually interesting idea) they didn't work worth a damn either.
  18. samurairabbi

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    I own one, too. It actually FUNCTIONS!
  19. FatBoy

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    Ah, this was one of those "random acts of kindness" that Oprah always talked about. Someone will unknowingly be thanking you for removing that from the supply chain.:wavey:

    I was given a few 20s during the ban years. None worked except for malfunction drills.
  20. Don't know about their AR mags but the 20 rounders for my mini are great.

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