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processor advice needed

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Sundog, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Sundog

    Sundog Thread Killer

    First off, I admit that I've never visited this particular GT forum, so if this question has been asked before, I apologize in advance for repeating it. My old HP 933mhz needs a motherboard (I think, since the keyboard isn't working and the mouse is acting wierd). Rather than invest another 150-200 for a new motherboard plus labor, I've decided to buy a new computer. I've been looking at Dells and at the usual suspects at Best Buy (HP, Compaq, etc.). My question is, is the extra money for a pentium 4 worth it over an Athlon or similar processor? I've always been a Pentium guy, but since this is an unexpected expense, I'd like to keep the price down as low as possible. I don't need a printer, monitor, etc., and if I don't really need a Pentium, I could save some money there also. I use my computer mainly for music downloads, digital photography, and MS Office applications, as well as high speed internet access. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    Although I have always used Pentiums myself, I can honestly say that there is nothing wrong with AMD Athlons.

    Celerons and Durons are both very, very low-end, so avoid those if you want performance any better than the system you have now.

    My advice would be to totally avoid any OEM PC's whatsoever; they are all weak sisters compared to a PC assembled from known-quality parts. All of the parts carry their own warranties, and better yet you aren't feeding the Corporate Machine.

    Buy a decent 2200+ (or better) system, and you should be fine. OEM is an absolute last resort, though, for a quality end-product. AVOID HPAQ's!!

    One question, though: what leads you to believe the CPU is going out?!

    It probably isn't...usually replacing the input peripherals or an OS reinstall will fix what you have described, or at the very worst some new RAM and/or a BIOS flash will be necessary to cure it.

    Buy a new keyboard/mouse first, though, since they aren't meant to live forever, and they may just be in need of replacement.

    Advice: Get yourself an optical wired mouse, and a decent (not $10) keyboard. Spend a little more now, get a lot more later is usually how it goes. Just know that wireless inputs will mean lots of AA batteries being used...and replaced.

    Good luck!

  3. Sundog

    Sundog Thread Killer

    Thanks for your advice. We have a couple of local computer sellers here who build to order; I'll give them a call. I have tried a known working keyboard, so unfortunately its not the keyboard. After every bootup, the mouse (a wireless Logitech) works fine for a while, then either begins to move erratically or freezes up totally. The keyboard is totally dead. The ram is not upgradeable-I have 128 meg with no capability to add more.