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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by G20 SF, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Buffalo Bore doesn't have much of a selection. An all copper that doesn't hit claims, a 200 TMJ, 220 hardcast and a 180gr with a Montana Gold.
    DoubleTap has a few but...

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  2. Little info on what blend means:

    This is a popular misconception and only true to a limited degree. Commercial grades of most propellants commonly available to the public are blends of two or more production batches of the powder. These batches are blended by the manufacturer to yield specific ballistic performance within a fairly narrow range. This allows the use of any lot of the propellant to be safely used with commercially available loading data. The majority of "Non-canister powders" are nothing more than the original production lot, without blending usually, which is useable by the factories which have a ballistic lab. They determine the performance level (velocity) they want and, if the lot of powder they are using can each the target velocity without exceeding their predetermined pressure limit they will proceed to load the lot of powder.

    All "non-canister" means is the burning rate of the lot does not qualify it to be sold to the public packaged in "cannisters". It wouldn't necessarily produce higher pressures, but could just as well give sub-standard performance with "book" loads.

    There are exceptions, but the vast majority of powder loaded by the factories is very similar, but not identical to, the same powder sold to reloaders. One of the major exceptions to this was/is a powder kwnon to the trade as "Bullseye 84". This was loaded by the factories (all of them in the U.S.) for many years in the modrate to high intensity cartridges for semi-automatic pistols. Examples are 9mm, 40 S&W, and everything in the same range. Several years ago Alliant decided to standardize this propellant as a canister grade powder and they put it on the market. It has become very popular with handloaders for the same class of cartridges. It is called "Power Pistol". It is, no doubt, still sold to the ammuniion manufacturers as the non-canister grade known as Bullseye 84. I would expect many of the recent introductions by Alliant have a similar history.

    To sum it up, there is usually nothing special about propellants loaded by the factories. What is "special" is the ballistic testing equipment that allows them to load to specific parameters with propellant lots which are not sold to the public.

    And, yes, contrary to popular myth, a careful, knowledgible, experienced hand loader can usually equal the performance of factory ammunition with similar components. Part of the problem is to know what the actual performance level of the specific load in question is. The vast majority DO NOT give velocity levels anywhere close to to published performance when used in real guns under normal circumstances.

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    I know that CorBon uses its own powder and bullets. And they get +p+ velocities using +p pressures. :cool:

    Is your G20 a Gen4 or Gen3? I spoke to Kevin about recoil springs for the G20 with his 10mm loads. You may need heavier springs for it to cycle properly. I just bought a Gen4 G20 and I will be trying his loads when they become available. He has not had experience with the Gen4 springs & advised that I try with the stock springs first. If it won't function properly then go with heavier springs.

    The Underwood Ammo is loaded hotter than any of the others (based on chronograph results posted on youtube) & that can cause problems with the light stock recoil springs on the G20. It is not an issue with the ammo itself.
  5. I had problems with 10mm 165 and 180 TMJ FTFeed in both 20 and 29 with LWD barrels. Shot 155 GD from both no problem.
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    Are you trying to say that CorBon is +p and that UW is +p+? I already know that.
  7. Please, they are magazines not clips. I have found with my G29 that I had to match the recoil sping to the Underwood. My first suggestion would be to slow the slide down and stronger magazine springs.

    I have never had any real problems with 1,000's of rounds of Underwood in just about every caliber. I carry a G32 and there was something about that gun blowing up that makes me a little suspicious, but I cannot put my finger on it. Like if it happened to me, I would be on my cell phone to Kevin 10mins later. It could have been a bad round, bad barrel, firing a little out of battery. I had a G33 KKM barrel and the bottom lug sheared off.
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    Magazines, bullets, cartridges, clips. It takes some real learning to get these terms right. :cool:
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  9. I just ran about 150 rounds of 230 gr with no problem.
  10. flw


    I have some UW and only wish I had more. I failed to order before ammo dried up.
  11. I have had no problems with Kevin's ammo in any of my Glock's. No problem with BB or DT either. All stock.
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    So even UW is all sold out? Bummer.
  13. Best way I have found to obtain Underwood's stuff is to 'like' their Face Book page.
    They will post there when they have certain calibers and weights in stock. But you have to act fast-the other day I was on FB when they posted that they had some 9mm in stock. I ordered a couple of boxes right then and there. They were sold out in about 20 minutes?
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    BHO and Hillary have all of the gun and ammo buyers running scared for sure.
  15. No doubt. But by keeping an eye on his 'page' I have obtained a thousand? rounds of 9mm, 357 sig, 40, 10mm, and 45 ACP ammo the past few months.
    So, I'm happier than a pig in scheisse-Underwood has done very well in all my handguns.
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    Good for you, sir!!

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