Problem last night with GT

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by jhc37013, May 16, 2007.

  1. Anybody else have problems last night with GT website?

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  2. GotGlock1917

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    Yeah, it seemed to get slower and slower until it finally appeared to go down for several hours.

  3. Arc Angel

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    :wow: I thought so! First thing I noticed was that any board with the word, 'Glock' in its name was down. Then I noticed that all of the other large gun boards were down at the same time. Only, 'American Backyard' and 'Brian Enos' seemed to be up and running.

    Can't wait to hear more about this! Do you think it'll make the news? :supergrin:
  4. It wasn't just Glock Talk!!
    The Firing Line and The High Road were also down!!
    I understand that GT and the above two all share the same ISP, so maybe it was that which got hacked!!
  5. THR IP address was directly targeted. It does not take much to swamp a single machine. One packet big enough will turn into a swarm of small packets. I proved it to myself on a modern corp network.

  6. It happened again last night 5 days after my original post,I could browse anything else on the net but my Internet Explorer could night connect to GT.It was sometime after midnight untill atleast 8a.m.Was this some sort of attack on GT or was it somekind of maintanence?
  7. It does not seem that site admins are willing to comment on the repeated attacks.
    We are past coincidence as of late.

    I would pass along a few cmd line strings to wreak havock apon the bradi domains that all share a single ip address or the DU. But then I would be stooping to their level.

    So who is included in the list of suspects?


    Who else would have a beef with all of out very effective activism?
    I am not blaming the two groups mentioned. Just posting the question.

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