Primer shortage recovering ??

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by ModGlock17, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. kd8x

    where is all these LGS with 30k primers at??? I would like to investigate them.:cool:

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  2. My LGS has kept a full stock of Federal LPP in stock throughout all of this panic (no CCI's). I've been buying 1/K week and have a nice supply. Forget SPP though.

    He actually had powder on the shelf yesterday as well. He was completely cleaned out for the last few months. Normally has a very large selection, yesterday he had a good bunch but only 3#'s of Tightgroup and 1# of HP38 (one pound limit per day per customer). I was happy to take the HP38 off his hands, as well as a Ruger LCR in .22 :)

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  3. FiremanMike

    FiremanMike Way too busy

    I have heard that there's not actually a shortage of primers or powder, it's just a matter of a huge backlog on shipping them out of the factory.
  4. I'm on a road trip and passed through Lexington, KY today so I just had to stop in @ Bud's Gun Shop/Warehouse....
    They had stacks of CCI primers of all flavors.
    The down side was that the price was $39.99 per K.
    The good side was they were well stocked.
    Needless to say I stocked up some.

    The salesman told me that their supply of AR's is now flowing
    in steadily and in large quantities. Apparently the manufacturing is now catching up. The walls were racked & stacked with black rifles everywhere......just sayin'....I saw AR's for $800.
  5. AR's are going down, I am even seeing used ones for $750, primers are barely coming in, but 1k at a time is fine. The thing i have issue with getting is Bullets, I am down to a few thousand per cal, and getting nervous. I just shot a tactical class Friday, it was 500+ rounds, it is starting to eat my stock. All I am short on is bullets hint hint, (9mm)....
  6. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    That's not too terribly bad seeing as the local price here is usually $35-36 per K in normal conditions. I just keep putting orders in with Grafs and/or PV and waiting my turn.
  7. MAXG

    This is true. Saw a great demonstration of this first hand.

  8. So, who (if any anyone) has large or small pistol primers in stock?????
    Every place I've checked is out.
  9. mc1911

    In my area they are making a comeback. Small pistol primers on the shelf. Supply is catching up with demand.
  10. Check back with your LGS in a week & let us know.:dunno:
  11. I called my LGS (Specialty Sports in Colorado Springs) today and they said they had both SPP and LPP in stock. I made the 20 minute drive hoping to pick up at least 2k primers. There was a follow-up question that I should have asked.

    They were selling CCI packages of 100 for $3.99 (no complaint with that), limit of 5 packages. Not 5 small and 5 large, but a total of 5 packages. So I spent 40 minutes driving to pickup 500 primers, but there are worse ways to spend 40 minutes.

  12. Yep, things are getting better!
  13. Just bought CCI small pistol primers $30 per thousand. That was about $6 more than last summer but was glad to find them for less than $40.
  14. Looks like their servers are craching. Site is not coming up.
  15. MAXG

    I'm having good luck finding primers at my usual haunts. Just can't find rifle brass anywhere.

  16. I walked in to my lgs, and the guy behind the counter asked if he could help me. I said, "probably not". He asked what I was looking for and I told him large pistol primers. He then handed me a box of 1000! I was shocked!!
  17. Stuff is getting to the LGS, just not in large amounts & unless they are rationing, it's getting bought up as quickly as it hits shelves in most states. I got 5K WIn LPP last week @ $30 per, but it was a fluke thing. There were no other primers to be had from that source. I didn't need them, but hey, who knows how long this will last.:crying:
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  18. Your usual haunts... Those would be???
  19. LGS (Specialty Sports in Colorado Springs) had large pistol when I went by yesterday. Still limit of 500 at $3.99/100.
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  20. One of my usual haunts is little place called Rink's Guns and Range in Lockport Illinois. Yesterday afternoon, I called to ask a question about something totally unrelated to reloading (As if there was such a thing). Low and be-hold, they had small pistol primers. A lunch time, I got my butt over there in time to get my self a box of 1000. Only one box per customer. Dang! Prices were about $10.00 higher than the last time I bought primers (just before Sandy Hook). Hay, what are you doing to do. It's pay an extra 10 bucks or go without.

    yippy ky yay!

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