Primer shortage recovering ??

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by ModGlock17, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Do you guys find it is easier to get primers now?

    My supply store has just gotten some 30,000 in stock, some 10k in small pistol.

    Perhaps scared folks are overstocked themselves...

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  3. I placed an order with Widener's last week when I saw they had CCI 500's in them today and nearly fell over!!! I took a picture and texted it to my friends so they wouldn't think I was full of sh$t...

    But then again I ordered 1,000 plated bullets from xtreme and it took three months to get them...

    Now I am waiting for powder- they say it will be drop shipped, but it was in stock...

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  4. MakeMineA10mm

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    I'm guessing it's natural inch-worm progression of supply chain. Wait until more talk of Obama/Biden and Feinstein cranks up, and you will see the folks who were unsuccessful last (current?) go-around be out wiping shelves clean again...

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  5. That is funny, a whole 30K??? I know people that buy that in one shot, me included. No, 500K would be a decent supply to come into a store, not 30K. One of the local stores here got a pallet of 500K, sold out in one day, so no, things are NOT getting better.:upeyes:
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  6. I was thinking the same thing.
  7. I have a buddy sitting on 140K primers. He could sell some to that LGS.:upeyes:
  8. I'd love to be pissed at all the guys buying primers by the 30k (or more), but I just wish I had that much spare $$$ floating around...

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  9. Where are you in WV? I am in Wood County. If you are close I will let you know the next time we do a group buy. That will make the shipping very small. It won't be until after things settle down a little.
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  10. Not from the looks of the selfs in my LGS,in my area. SJ 40
  11. Uncle Don

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    Gee, wonder what could be helping exacerbate the shortage?
  12. They are actually sitting on the shelfs for at least a day at the LGS. Not a large selection but at least one brand of all sizes.
  13. Oh no, he bought most of those from 08-09, the first Obama nightmare had him scared straight. He thought he was over doing it, but now he looks pretty damn smart shooting $20/K primers. He actually hasn't bought anything this go around, good try though Don.:wavey:
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  14. shotgunred

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    I wish I had 140K in primers.

    My last order last year was for 20K and I have more than 30K sitting on my shelf so 30K doesn't seem like that much to me. But I am still shooting at a regular rate.

    Once things calm down buy yourself a couple years worth. Then you can be one of us 'hoarders' and you wont have to worry about shortages either.
  15. LoL. In a house fire, 140k primers would make an interesting spectacle.
  16. freakshow10mm

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    Yep. Grafs and PV are still out of stock on everything. Things aren't recovering. Not by a longshot.
  17. Well he keeps most at his machine shop, 20-30K at the house. IMO, you don;t have at least 1 years worth as a reserve, you are short. Since Clinton, I have always kept that as a min reserve, every primer size I need for one year. Then when I hit that min, I order another 5K, whether I need them or not. I never run out, never.:dunno:
  18. I've never really ordered fewer than 20K (plus 4-8# powder) at a time because I simply don't have enough money not to. (Think shipping/hazmat...)
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  19. Agreed, 10K small pistol is probably considerably fewer than 10 customers, and as you mention, might only be 1 customer. The rest have to try again another day.

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  21. snowwdog

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    actually its nothing, they just pop. firefighters are not even concerned about them or loaded ammo as long as its not chambered in a firearm. The bullets from loaded rounds just bounce off there coats.

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