Primer, powder, and cases?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Hendeale, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. I've been looking at different brass and powder for reloading 9mm rounds for my G19. Read some good reviews for Star and Winchester brass, and Alliant Bullseye Smokeless powder. I was just wondering what everyone used and was happy with.

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  2. For powder I use Win 231 or HP-38 (Same Thing). For brass just what ever I can scrounge. For the shooting I do I just don't think it matters at all. I shoot action style shooting (USPSA, IDPA) with 90% of the rounds fired in matches where it mingles with others brass and I don't take time out of the match to chase it. When I need brass I just buy from the guy who stays after the match and picks it all up, sorts it by caliber, and cleans it. Sells it back for 1k for $20. I am sure I have bought the same piece numerous times. 1K rounds last about 6 matches or 3 months so add on ~$100 a year for brass.

    For my 45-70 I bought Starline and was happy. I shoot a lot less volume in that and make sure I get each piece of brass back for that thing. :)

  3. I've got a nice range where I can usually find brass if the sharks aren't out. For powder I'm using Unique with great results, and Titegroup with not-so-great results, so far. I'm still working with it and hope to find something workable.
  4. Cool thanks for responding!
  5. I load several different 9MM cases but my personal choice is Winchester. I shoot all 124 grain bullets and Unique with CCI primers. There are several good powders for 9MM and Unique is one of them.
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    Brass isn't as important. Try to find some range brass for sale locally. I wouldn't think of buying *new* brass for 9mm.
    [Edited: I also have never bought brass. I have a 5 gal bucket full of 9mm, and another full of .45ACP. I had a full one of .40 but I sold it for cash. :) Yep, I'm a brass scrounger too.]

    For powder, tons of choices. WSF and WST are favorites of many on here. For primers, CCI are fine if your Glock is stock, but if you start doing trigger work to include a lightened striker spring, you will end up with light primer strikes.... to the tune of 6 or 7 per 100. I use Federal primers because of this.
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  7. Im a brass scrounger for 9mm. I clean the brass then reload using power pistol . I did once buy some 40 brass it was winchester and it was pretty good stuff Im sure its somewhere mixed in with my used brass.
  8. I haven't bought 9mm brass in about 25yrs. There is always a bunch of WWB shooters around & it's just lying there for the taking. If you must buy bras, once fired from several of the reputable dealers is a good way to go. If you must buy new, Win or Starline are both good choices. Avoid Federal/FC brass unless it is a last resort.
  9. Good info being provided. I never thought about buying range brass before, but it is a good idea as that's where I usually am shooting. I'll look into that as my first choice instead of buying new brass!
  10. For medium loads, any brand case that'll hold a primer will do. I'd be more picky if loading 9mm and was really pushing it to the upper limit. Or if I was using a MAX load of a really fast powder.

    Load manuals say to trim cases. I've never trimmed 9mm brass. Nobody does.

    Unique and Accurate #7 works well for me, with Winchester or Federal primers.
  11. cole

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    Brass = any range p/up (minus some crappy brass noted in sticky)
    Primer = the cheapest ones (SPP and SPPM)
    Powder = Unique
    Bullet = FMJ or Plated

    I also have TG (9mm FMJ) and BE (.45acp). I prefer Unique for 9mm.

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