Pressure Cooker Ban

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  1. And no more transfers of pressure cookers within families without a background check.

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  2. My Grandmother passed away and my cousin is coming in from out of State for her funeral. Can I give him Grandma's pressure cooker (I don't want it around because I have children in the house) or do I have do go through the clerk at Kitchen Kaboodle to make the transfer legal ?

  3. That's a very good point!
    How many stores are actually licensed to sell pressure cookers? What kind of paperwork do the keep? I've heard they are having a big problem with dealers along the border selling more than one pressure cooker to a suspicious buyer.
    Maybe the ATF can set up a sting operation to see exactly where these illegal pressure cookers are going.
  4. So who wants to start a White house Petition to Ban Pressure cookers???

    I'll sign it! :whistling:
  5. It's not like we have a constitutional right to own pressure cookers.
  6. Why isn't the FOOD network coming out with a statement defending our right to own pressure cookers?


    Nothing but a bunch of CINO's (Chefs in Name Only)
  7. Biggest problem is people being able to buy a pressure cooker and take it home the same day. A seven day waiting period before pick up would allow them to cool off their jihadist tendencies, and convert to christianity!

    Maybe yobama could fly all the vicitims of pot disasters to Washington to testify....After all if it saves but one life..... giving up all our pots and pans is reasonable-for the children!
  8. The pressure cooker needs a cooling off period.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  9. We need to ban the ones with the valve thingies that go up.

    Outlaw the ones with black plastic handles too.
  10. you're not kidding, my friend had a horrible accident with one when he didn't wait for it to cool off
  11. Watching the press explain what a pressure cooker is has made me realize that most of the same people who are out of touch with where their food comes from and things like gun control actually have no idea what one is! And I guess it could be indeed considered a tool now of prepper and such. I mean, I have used one for most of my life. Grew up gardening and canning and still do. And I just consider it a way of life. It now dawns on me that there are several generations of urban life that never have seen one. Never have canned a jar of tomato's nor ever seen one. Never made jelly or jam.... never hunted and eaten game. This is indeed a related problem. All of us with Pressure cookers are going to be considered extremists now. And, as I do with guns, I only use them for good. And most do. Its irony I tell ya!
  12. And don't forget those Teflon coated "cop killer" versions. Only police and military have any legitimate reason to own those.

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  13. I'd sign it. It takes 10000 signatures to address it. Remember the Ban Peers Morgan request to deport him?

    So much for me getting a concealed carry permit for a pressure cooker. Isn't there a 72 hour Cooling off period anyways? I was so looking for a high capacity version to cook lentils. Now, I cannot aspire to be an Iron Chef. That blows.
  14. Fipoj

    This.... sigh
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  15. Wait till Bloomberg hires some actor in a chef's apron to tell you he favors common sense cooking utensil restrictions.

    Nobody needs more than a quart of water to cook a tomato.
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  16. You do realize that waffle iron is already pre-scored and formed to produce directional frag, right? ;)
  17. In the wake of recent events in Boston this past week, I believe the following legislation should be passed immediately by our government.

    All crockpot/pressure cookers should be limited to a single quart size. I mean come on, 73% of all Americans live within 15 miles of a major grocery store and there is absolutely no need for these multiple gallon size pressure cookers.

    In addition to being limited to a one quart size all future manufactured pressure cookers will be made of a high pressure see through polymer so that the contents are readily seen by security personnel at monitory public check points.

    Prior to purchase you must attend a monitory government regulated safety course to go over the proper use of the cooker.

    In order to actually purchase a new pressure cooker you will also be required to go through a security background check lasting no less than 7 working days before you are able to pick up the unit from a local police department.

    Anyone owning an older model pressure cooker are strongly encouraged to register the cooker with federal government. In addition to registration there will be a “Pressure” tax of $500.00 dollars to be implemented immediately. To avoid this tax you may turn in your older model units to your local police authorities. Those who turn in units will be given a coupon for 2% off the purchase price of the new government regulated quart size unit.

    Right after this legislation is pasted another very similar bill will be started on “Black Backpacks”.

    SO - I want to know:
    What if you have had prior cooking violations?
    Do you need a permit to transport them? Do they need to be empty when transported?
    What if you cross a state line? – is it considered ‘concealed’ if it is in your trunk? Do they need a locking device?
    How long do the permits last? – what if you used a large capacity one before and were proficient?
    What if a minor were to try and use one? – would he/she be treated as an adult? Would I be liable if my kid used it?
    What if you bought one at a ‘pressure cooker and tupperware show’ – say a ‘used’ one?

    We need more laws on nails and ball bearings

  18. Oh bleep<not another ban. Please senate and house members,bloomberg,fiensein,boxer,what else does thouist want??? I have bad gas but,maybe a ban on that to??????? Lord,help us all.
  19. I am worried about the "Flea Market Loophole" on face to face sales of pressure cookers at flea markets.
  20. With out my balls i would have no bearing at all :rofl::rofl:

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