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  1. So I may have a couple months :crying:until my CMP Service Grade HRA M1 Garand arrives, but I wanted to start getting excited for it and ask about supplies and techniques everyone uses with their Garands.

    What is your cleaning procedure? I've heard field stripping shouldn't be performed often because it will disrupt the fit of the receiver/stock and will affect accuracy long term.

    What is your lubrication procedure? What kinds of products do you use?

    When I receive it from the CMP, should I detail strip completely to clean/inspect? Should it depend on how much cosmoline is packed in there?

    seems like has alot of great articles to follow so I guess I'll start there, but any Garand first timer tips (about anything) would be great!

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  2. Don't obsess over never taking the action out of the stock, on the other hand don't obsessively take it out everytime you look at the gun either and you will be fine.

    IMO get a good cleaning rod, coated, AND A BORE GUIDE, and, again IMO, the "bore snake" is a great boon to M-1 shooters if run through the bore after a long shooting session while the bore is still hot.

    Personally, I'd scout around on the 'net and get some of the little GI grease pots and a full Butt trap cleaning kit for S&Gs (the jointed rod is not the way to clean the bore if any other method is available however.

    What ever you do Get the Field Manual. Follow the lube instructions.

    If you have GI ammo, or an approximation great but consider a Schueller adjustable gas screw (I have come to consider them essential on a "shooter" as opposed to a "restoration")

    Consider getting a Turner sling.

    Consider a USMC shooting jacket for " Cool Factor" and the design.

    Enjoy the heck out of it.

  3. I also got a M1 Garand last Summer also a Service Grade(HRA) I got the following

    Book on assembly/takedown:

    A Sling just a cotton web though you may opt for leather either IS CORRECT:

    600 rounds of the CMP ammo

    A M1 Spring kit(invaluable cause some of the springs are VERY SMALL and some may be weak from age..they do test them but just cause its tested it may not be 100%) I replace as needed.:

    I have been using a simple tube of choke (for shotguns...outers i think) /gun grease and it works just fine:

    YES I did a full take down and cleaning when i first got the gun even before i shot it. not a ton of cosmoline but enough im glad i cleaned it up first..the stock needed sweating out it had a lot of cosmoline in it..luckily it was summer :) (got mine july 22 or there about)

    After that initial clean all id do is(unless it was malfunctioning or ever does and its not so far) clean the bore normally with regular cleaner AND hit it with some Copper solvent..these guns love to leave copper in the barrel.. then reapply grease if its needed and thats it...

    then at the end of the year I do another full takedown,copper clean good,totaly remove old and reapply new grease for storage/upcoming a cloth with oil down the barrel and store...

    Now in a week or 2 I will be breaking it out again for the new year of shooting I expect I will have to put some rounds through it for everything to "settle in/reseat" or what ever it has to do after you have had it fully apart to regain some accuracy.. I will wipe the oil out of barrel with a clean patch and then start shooting..

    When im done again unless i get a malfunction or a spring needs replaced or something I will just shoot...clean as normal,barrel wipe down, re-lube(grease) whats needed. and repeat unless I notice something odd going wrong with it or its losing accuracy...remember its a combat rifle it was built to take some abuse..the light shooting we do with it will be childs play to what it is made to run through in combat.
  4. Good advice given in the posts above.

    This website is a great resource for well detailed and photographed information on Garands:

    The grease kits they sell are nice:

    It's basically Mobil 1 Synthetic grease - if your auto parts store carries it, just buy a tub of it.

    I keep one of the grease applicator kits in my buttstock, along with a boresnake and a pair of ear plugs.

    A coated rod is good for cleaning, I also really like the Otis cleaning system.
  5. Oh and just remembered cause i gotta get some myself. If your gonna be doing copper cleaning you may want to pick up some NYLON 30/06 bore brushes before hand just for that most"regular" bore brushes are reactive with the copper solvent( i think most standard ones are copper or bronze or some such mixture??..and that copper solvent would not work well with them this was from a Garand site so I took it to be 'true")
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. Cbennett, I've heard the same about using nylon brushes with copper solvent and was planning to pick one up.

    I know the Schuster adjustable vented gas plug is popular, but has anyone used the GarandGear ported gas plug?

    Seems like a great advantage to not have to adjust between every load you shoot. Their research seems very complete and well done to me - even as a research scientist/engineer myself.
  7. Get a lot of clips an adjustable gas plug.
  8. If not already get set up to reload- this is a much better use of money than adjustable gas plugs. With cmp ammo 50 cents a round and most commercial ammo over 1.50 reloading is the only sensible answer to shooting an m1 long term. Plenty of garand safe data out there. To put it in perspective if you shot a cmp match with cmp ammo it would cost about$25. With commercial ammo $75, but with reloads about $15.
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    I'm in the same boat - waiting on the CMP Special in .308. If you haven't been to the forum on the CMP website check it out. Seems like a lot of us are doing background work while pacing around waiting. Here are some of the bookmarks I have accumulated so far:
    [ame=""]M1 Garand Lesson Bolt assembly - YouTube[/ame]
    If anyone has some more links it would sure help pass the time.:yawn:
  10. Of course everybody SHOULD reload, but that^^^^

    Borders on, well.......:upeyes:

    Do you know a thing about the adjustable gas plug?

    Do you know what they cost?

    Yah I guess somehow one simple device that allows you to use any factory ammo without worry about damaging your gun isn't worth the cost of one set of reloading dies.
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  12. You can get a nice tub of lubriplate from midway or brownells.
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    1. Project Mayhem

    I only use lubriplate grease on the moving parts, real actual oil in the barrel.
    I bought three of them and was lucky enough to hand pick them out. They all were fresh for the most part from a rebuild with new 60's dated barrels that measured 0-0.

    So I always took care when cleaning them. I used a nylon coated rod with bore guide and a chamber insert with rubber O ring during cleaning.
  14. Buy (if you don't already own) a complete set of "Band of Brothers"...

    And just stare at pictures of them...

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    1. Vented gas plug
    2. Shooting sling (leather and not that namby pamby nylon or tactical crap)
    3. Clips (yes, clips and not magazines)
    5. Big ass bayonet (authentic or reproduction)
  16. Yes, Clips. :supergrin:

    CMP3 Clips from the CMP, to be exact.

    MilSpec clips made by Aggressive Engineering on Govt Contract Machines, stamped special for the CMP.

    And don't overlook the whole reason for having a U.S. RIFLE CAL. .30 M1...



    ...and some Primary Marksmanship Instruction.

    Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Rifle 1942

    [ame=""]Rifle Marksmanship With The M1 Rifle - Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Rifle Marksmanship With The M1 Rifle - Part 2 (1943) - YouTube[/ame]

  17. I have been shooting a garand for over thirty years ( long before these plugs were even a notion)and the adjustable gas plugs might be useful but my point is regular commercial ammo ( the whole selling point for the adjustable plug) is so expensive I don't know many people who could afford to shoot much of it. Getting into reloading IS more useful in the long run.
  18. As stated, not only does the $35 Ported Gas Plug reduce wear'n'tear while shooting M2 ball...

    ...but it also allows me to feed it bolt-gun 180 gr. hunting ammo for hunting season w/o adjustment.

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  19. This summer will mark my 28th year with the Garand and 28 years since a former "Old School" Marine hammered the manual of arms into my head along with marksmanship.

    I wish I'd had an adjustable plug all those years ago. After all, today you are spending $650+ on the rifle, a $35 plug?......well, 'Duh". what's that? 2 boxes of ammo?
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    Not everybody has a lifestyle that is amenable towards reloading. OR want to bother with reloading.

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