Precision delta?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by kaech, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. I see you ordered True Blue, which you asked about in a previous post.

    Personally I like True Blue and hope that you do too.

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  2. ^^^
    I've never tried Ramshot True Blue for 9mm. Burn rate wise I have used these;

    Accurate Arms No. 5
    Hodgdon HS-6
    Winchester AutoComp
    Winchester WSF

    they are all within a wisker of each other and have worked very well for me using the 124g bullet.

    Keach... let us know how your tests come out.

  3. Well they were loaded to 5.8gr. TrueBlue 124gr.bullet @ 1.140 OAL. I shot 350 last Saturday everything fed/fired perfectly,@10 yards I was grouping 2/3 inches or so with a newer fde G19. I feel the next batch should have a slightly shorter OAL to hopefully tighten up the groups

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  4. Boxerglocker

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    Have to say props to Patrica and the gang at PD. I ordered 1K of their 147 FMJs for some subsonic suppressor load development and another thousand of the 124 JHPs to load some simulated PP self defense rounds. Made the order evening of 11/28, mailman delivered yesterday 12/3.
  5. Kaech..."@10 yards I was grouping 2/3 inches or so with a newer fde G19"

    Not too shabby there my man!

    Any sign of over/under burn from that powder (True Blue)?

    With the powders I mentioned earlier that I have tested with the 124g FMJ RN bullet, I use 1.135" OAL. My G17 & G19 seem to like it.

    Now these powders I have used are just a bit faster burning (but not much) then TB, but If you decrease your OAL slowly you will see if it makes a difference or not.

    Thanks for the update... Good luck & be safe.
  6. njl


    If you pull the bags of bullets out of the boxes, how much corn cob do you see in the bottoms of the bags? I'm a little annoyed by the amount of it in the most recent bullets I got from PD, and by the fact that they don't appear to have been tumbled long enough to remove whatever they tumble them to remove before shipping. I assume its lube left over from the manufacturing process.
  7. Boxerglocker

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    Your post kind of puzzled me so soon as I saw it had to take a look. Answer: NONE
    I hadn't ordered PD bullets for a while but have probably 10-12K under my belt and have never had an issue with corncob.:dunno:
  8. njl


    I'll see if I can get a decent picture and post it later.
  9. First the bullets are oily. People like me have tumbled them to remove the oil. Now it appears they tumble them but the get dinged for remaining corncob in the box. We are a tough crowd..
  10. njl


    I'm not surprised when there's a tiny bit of cob with the bullets...hint of cob, just enough to make it obvious they were tumbled in cob. IIRC, my MG bullets have always had that when I got down to the bottom of the bag. These though have considerable cob and remaining lube...enough so that the cob is sticking to the bullets, following them to the bullet tray, dropping off on the shell plate, and getting my fingers as black as the bad batch of moly bullets I loaded some of.
  11. They are cheap. Buy more expensive bullets or tumble them. I don't see a problem.
  12. dkf


    Pretty much every box of XTPs I have bought has some corn cob in the pack. I will take some corn cob over oily bullets any day.
  13. dkf..."Pretty much every box of XTPs I have bought has some corn cob in the pack."

    I just got done with 4 boxes of Hornady's XTP bullets, not a spec of corn cob in any of them. Last week I loaded up 2 other calibers of XTP bullets... and again no corn cob?

    Not sure what to tell ya there. :dunno:
  14. Yup, pretty soon people on this site will be saying Glocks suck because they eject the brass too far to the right and PD bullets suck because they're too inexpensive and shoot too straight.
  15. It's very clean and seems to burn thoroughly

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  16. Mine ejects it onto my head. I have thought about gluing a bowl to my head to catch the brass.
  17. dkf


    Apparently they are sending all the corn cob to PA and not giving Ohio any.:crying:
  18. '

    sounds like par for the coarse for ya..
  19. Exactly!( now I don't have any excuses..............)
  20. I really want to buy some 9mm 115gr RN FMJ from Precision but.......... No stock!

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