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    The guns I feed are several 9mm Glocks and a G30 and G21. I did some searching, and it sounds like his <230gr .45 bullets may not work so well in the G30. I've become a fan of lighter bullets in the .45 Glocks (mostly because when I shoot pins with them, I want velocity, but not recoil). The Precision 200gr and PD 185gr JHP both seem to work in both guns.

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  2. I could not find plated 9mm bullets any cheaper than Precision Delta's FMJs. :dunno: Berry's came close, but still a couple cents more.

  3. Though crimping has been discussed to death on this board, I prefer FMJ's to prevent "over crimping". DOC
  4. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    The cost I quoted includes shipping. Even if his .45ACP didn't work for you, his 9mm prices are hard to beat.
    By your 9mm from him, the .45ACP from PD or something? Just a thought.
  5. njl


    Actually, maybe it was Bayou Bullets where the 200gr RN had a step to it and acted like SWC in a G30. I just looked at a site that had some of the Bear Creek, and his 200gr is a RNHB design that looks like ball ammo with a deep hollow base. I wonder how much more powder that requires vs HP and why they do a hollow base rather than nose.
  6. njl


    Precision's pricing is similar to Bear Creek, if you buy the Precisions by the case (gotta buy more than 1000...much like MG). I might just try some more of their stuff.

    As for plated vs FMJ pricing, in some bullets, the plateds are cheaper. i.e. X-Treme 147gr from TJC are cheaper than any of PD's or MG's 147gr FMJ/CMJ. I've got a little more than 1000 of those X-Tremes left. I don't plan on ordering any more of them.
  7. The S&S Casting 230 gr LRN also has a step like their 200 gr LSWC.

    Both of these feed fine in my G21SF and all my other .45s. I use a lot of both of these bullets.

    As to the hollow base, perhaps it helps with obturation, especially on lighter loads. I haven't used these HB bullets for 9mm or .45 but I have loaded a lot of 148 gr HBWC for .38 Special and they are extremely accurate at low velocity.

  8. ron59

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    For PDs 147gr 9mm, looks like even if you buy 10,000 at once, they're still $101 per 1000 whereas Bear Creek is $75ish for just 1000. That's over $25 per 1000 saved. For every 3000 Bear Creek you shoot, there's a free 1000 bullets. I don't see that as "similar" at all?

    If you don't shoot 147grainers but something else like 124/115.... you have to get the Bear Creek price to do a proper comparison, don't use my $75 number for them.

    Bear Creek gives a 5% discount when you buy 10,000, 10% at 25K.
  9. njl


    PD = Precision Delta
    Precision = Precision Bullets
    Precision != PD

    Precision Bullets is another moly coated lead manufacturer. They may be one one of the first/oldest. I know they were selling their coated lead bullets long before I started reloading...with the marketing claim that you could drill a hole in their bullet, put it on a hot plate, and watch the lead run out and coating remain intact / shrivel in as it empties out.

    At case pricing ($227/3000 delivered) Precision 147s are $75.60/1000. I'll probably try a box of 500 before jumping in for 3000.
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  10. I've ran through 15K in various calibers from PD.
    All GTG.

    I have noticed 2 split jackets which load up and shot just fine!
  11. My order shipped wens. So its the waiting game
    .. I just checked PD's site and noticed a price increase across the board,since tues.:sly:

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  12. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    I'm aware of the the Precision moly bullet manufacturer.

    Many others on here aren't, and will simply refer to "Precision" when talking about PD.

    If I'm talking about Precision, the moly manufacturer, I make sure to mention moly to clarify.

    Plus, we had just been discussing PD vs Bear Creek, when you just mentioned Precision, I thought you were still talking about PD.
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  13. njl


    Have you used Precision molies? If so, how would you compare them to Bear Creek? The only molies I've used so far are BBI and Precision.

    BBI + my fav 9mm powder (Universal) gave me nasty smoke...but then again, it turned out there was something wrong with the coating on my first maybe I should try Universal again with the replacements they sent. The first ones, I think the coating wasn't properly cured or something. Just handling the bullets would turn my fingers black, and you could see by looking at the insides of the boxes (first batch and replacements) that the first ones turned the inside of the box black, while the second didn't put much if any of their color on the cardboard.
  14. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    I haven't used Precision molys, but a buddy of mine uses them... he seems happy. When he's shooting I don't notice excess smoke.

    The only others I tried were the BBI, and I thought they were smokier than are the Bear Creeks.

    I use TG with the Bear Creeks, and don't find them too smoky. I will eventually try a different powder (like WST/WSF) to see if I can even improve on that, but I still have most of an 8lb jug left. And as I mentioned, I do all my shooting outdoors these days and I don't even notice the smoke unless wind is blowing right in my face.
  15. WOW my 1000 bullets shipped wens. afternoon and ups just dropped them off....Mississippi 2 Wisconsin In 36hrs!! for $5.00!:D

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  16. i ordered 5,000 - 9mm 124gr JHP from them... no problems what so ever... i prolly will order 5,000 more soon
  17. Yeah this was my first experience with PD so now once these 1000 9mm rounds get loaded i'll have a couple more thousand on the way...ive saved about 7/8000 cases so im gonna reload for $140 per 1000 thats gonna save me a ton!

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  18. I just received an order I placed on Tuesday. It was delivered by UPS Ground rather than the USPS Priority Mail that I'm used to. I wonder if that's the reason for the price increase? It's still not enough to make me shy away from them. They've treated me well.
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    I've been using Precision Delta bullets for 45 ACP (230 grain) and 9mm (115 grain and 124 grain) and for the money - you can't find a less expensive jacketed bullet.

    For moly coated bullets, I use Billy Bullets in 45 ACP (225 grain FP) and like them. I've sampled a few in 9mm (115 grain) and they seemed okay but will have to perform additional testing.
  20. PD's FMJ bullets are a great product at a competitive price. I like them better than Montana Gold.

    Moly is the way to go in terms of cost, though. I get Bear Creeks for $60/K. They group just as well as anything else, and offer the option of a 150gr round-nose. Only downside I see with moly vs jacketed bullets is your hands get dirtier and a little slick from loading mags. You’ll also probably need to use a little more bell with moly, to keep it from scraping and help seat the bullets.

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