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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by billdean, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Has anyone tried these bullets. They seem inexpensive to shoot. Precision Bullets are swagged with certified 6/2 lead alloy. We then apply our unique dry-lube formula.

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  2. Pretty expensive - at least for .45 ACP 200 gr LSWC.

    S & S Casting $85/1000 - shipping extra
    Precision Bullets $117/1000 - includes shipping

    Shipping on 2000 S&S is about $11 so for 2k it would be $181 vs $234


  3. I found 750 10mm 185 grain bullets at a garage sale for $15.00. I just want to know if they are worth reloading?
  4. I have never used them but, sure, why not load them?

    I would probably check the diameter on a few just to satisfy myself that they were properly sized.

    I did find some data 185 gr lead bullet data using Accurate #7 or #9 in "Modern Reloading - Second Edition" by Richard Lee.

    You can also find the information in the Accurate reloading guide:

  5. Bill, I've 10s of thousands of them in 9 and 45. they are good to go. Ensure you have enough bell so as to not scratch the moly coating off.
  6. I used them exclusively in .45acp when that was my primary cartridge. 230gr rn, and 200gr lswc. Never an issue.

  7. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    I'm looking forward to trying them. I just got my order of them the other day. Plan on having some ready for the range this weekend.
  8. I've tried out their 200gr RNFP in my 21 and 30. So far, so good.
  9. I loaded up the 185's with 12 grains of #9. They seem to shoot fine out of my G20 . Now to put them on paper and see how accurate they are.
  10. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    I have the 147gr FP and I was wondering what you are using for the OAL?
  11. Having not really shot lead (even the .22lr I shoot is almost all at least "copper washed", what do you look for in a Glock barrel to see if you're getting leading (from shooting any of the various coated lead bullets) or just normal powder fouling?
  12. I'm at 1.130" overall for the Precision 147 black bullet. Also droping 3.45 grs of Solo 1000 and a small Federal primer to "just" make the 125 power factor for shooting games. I use mixed brass, so when I'm done reloading, I remove the barrel from the 34 and use it like a chamber guage to make sure every cartrige drops in with a nice clunk.
    Its the wifes toy so I'm real careful loading for it. And after an all day shooting event, the barrel shows no real signs of anything building up. I think Solo 1000 works well with the moly bullets.
  13. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    Thanks, I'll have to look at the Solo 1000 next time I order powder.

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