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  1. UPDATE 11/16/2008 @ 9:49PM EST -

    I WILL LOOK INTO ORDERING MORE ON MONDAY 11/17/2008 - thanks to all that looked and purchased very smooth correspondence -

    O.K. further description: These are COMPLETE lowers and COMPLETE uppers all internal parts, springs, trigger group, barrel, bolt and carrier - ready to snap together-

    Well I have been contacted by numerous members re: short supply of black rifle parts and full rifles. These members were also complaining about the staggering price increases unscrupulous dealers have placed upon there existing stock -

    Not realizing there was a problem (Dah...:yawn: asleep at the switch :rofl:) I checked with everyone of my vendors across the Country and found (0) ZERO inventory regarding anything AR ... Nothing, Nada...

    Therefore, I called Stag direct (best bang for the buck black rifle) in my opinion. I just ordered 4 uppers and 4 lowers - 6 to 8 week delivery time.

    The uppers are model 2H - M4 they come with a front sight post and removable rear sights.

    The lowers are all what they call tactical 6 position stock M4 configurations. Anyone wanting any of these will be responsible for their own shipping I can't cover shipping costs at these prices. It will be actual shipping no hidden fees, no tacking on extra's ...

    The uppers are $485 - you pay shipping (do not need FFL to ship)
    The lowers are $270 - you pay shipping (will need FFL copy for lowers)

    Payment terms, personal checks (with hold), cash, credit cards... I would like a small down payment to hold anything herein.

    For those that buy an upper and lower (which is the whole idea) I will ship the upper direct and the lower to your FFL.

    interested parties: Please respond, via email - as I have a sale folder open on these sales, this is how I keep track of purchases and inquiries ... The more of these I sell the more I will place orders - If I get enough interest this will be an ongoing order situation so we can keep ahead of demand and shipping times... Please note pricing is firm and a no trade rule applies -

    Doing my part to keep America armed (and of course make a few bucks, at these prices very few believe me :cool:)

    As always - customer service after the sale - for the moment I'm going to keep this offer in house with GT members only - however, if I get little to no interest it will be opened up to other forums of which I am a sponsor...

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  2. thanks! Any chance there is interest for just stripped lowers? Might be able to save some people a few bucks if they already have a bunch of accessories, LPKs, etc.

  3. This is the only current configuration - thanks for the interest ...:wavey:
  4. thank you sir.
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    Bookmark. This is a good deal.
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    Tagged for later...
  7. 4TS&W


    Dag taggit!
  8. :agree: It is so nice to see a real Gentelman who knows how to treat his fellow shooters. In these times if we don't all stick together, then we all go down one by one.

    Please put me down for one upper, I'll e-mail you for your mailing address and send you a $ 50.00 ( non-refundable) deposit to hold one upper. If I back out of the upper deal, feel free to keep the deposit for your trouble.

    Many Thanks,

    Brian Kenny

    GT Member, put your money where your heart is!!!
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  10. Yes and thanks for putting up the links ... Folks these will sell to first come, first serve - so tagging may not be the way to go - if you want one get a hold of me and I will put one aside for you ...
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  11. bump -
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  12. 11/13/2008 update:

    Three uppers sold - one upper left ...

    Two lowers sold - two lowers left ...

    and one person on the fence..
  13. bump 11/14/2008
  14. Do the math folks, hes selling the upper and lower about $175 cheaper than you could purchase the complete rifle from Stag. Not even going to mention what dealers are charging for these things right now. Good to see someone looking out, thanks for doing this 1999Cobra
  15. Thanks Folks -

    FYI - Gun shop in the next Town over from me ...

    As soon as the election was over (the very next morning - as reported to me by one of his disgruntled customers - lol) he marked up his already (HIGH PRICED) black rifles another 20% - do the math on that one:wow:

    I have words in my vocabulary for him - Although, I have to thank him in some respects he's the one that drove me to get my FFL with his astronomical transfer fees ...:steamed:
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  16. One buyer backed out - (The Old Wife problem, again) For those of you that have to - please check with your wife before saying "I'll take one"

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  17. I will take an upper. Email sent.
  18. Update 11/15/2008

    uppers are gone

    two lowers left
  19. I'll take a lower. Email sent.
  20. I am selling my upper and lower so there's still two lowers left as I just had a fellow "neomastiff" buy my upper and lower...

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