PowerBond Bullets?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by GCreggs, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Powerbond isn't a popular brand, as it's a small company and not as well known as Rainier or Berry's. I've used them in the past with good results.

    The Powerbond bullets have thicker plating than Rainier. They are not the same bullet.

    They might be subcontracted to make bullets to Powerbond's spec but I'm not aware of such. AFAIK, Powerbond does everything in house. Would be interesting to find out.

    Plated bullets are favored in applications for sound suppressors. Cheaper than TMJ bullets and priced less. JHP plated bullets are typically priced the same as TMJ bullets, so there is no savings. If you have a suppressor that uses wipes, JHP is a no go. I only use plated bullets for customers using a suppressor or those that demand TMJ type bullets for indoor ranges to cut down on the airborne lead from exposed FMJ bases.

    I agree.

    A fact many ignore.
    I think the HP are like the MG bullets in that they are for external ballistics and not terminal ballistics.

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  2. I bought them because they were in stock and they shipped in three days. I loaded them the same as jacketed. They were accurate and did not lead up my glock.

  3. hmm... I ordered on 2/11 Still no shipping notice. So much for "Instock"

  4. I placed on order on 2/11/13 as well and their website just says pending.:dunno:

    I placed an oreder with X-treme on 1/10/13 and they have some how lost my order. :steamed:
  5. I placed mine on 2/11 as well and have not heard or seen anything other than the initial 'thanks for the order'. Hope they show soon...
  6. Not to worry, They don't send out shipping notices. Well at least I've nebver gotten them. Always been delivered to me within a week!
  7. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    ^This. Mine just 'showed up' at my door/mailbox... No advance notice.

    He is getting more popular, as the stock everywhere else dwindles, so he may be getting busier!
  8. Taterhead

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    The process has seemed to be:

    Receive an email with an order acknowledgement, and a second "thank you" from Matt McMichael.

    When the card is charged and the order is shipped. It usually comes in a vacuum pack freeze bag stuffed inside a USPS "if it fits it ships" box with lots of shipping tape. Pretty low-budget packaging. They don't send a shipping notice.
  9. Other than availability right now or perhaps if you want less than 1k - why would you buy these? Essentailly $0.106 per bullet including the $3 shipping for Powerbonds plated vs 0.085 for precisions fmj in terms of 115gr 9mm at least. Not a major cost difference but wondering why you'd pay more for Powerbond if availability were not an issue.
  10. Taterhead

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    You just listed the reasons why you would buy them: availability, quantity. Plus if you need a bullet without exposed lead, then these fit that bill. Until very recently, they weren't more expensive. That is a new development. Their prices just went up, and they now charge shipping. Who knows if they will come back down after things settle down.

    I have taken advantage of a group buys at my club so costs are a ways better than PD. It doesn't take a very large order to get a pretty good discount. Granted, I don't know where he would be in today's high-demand environment.
  11. Curious what the price was previously?

    Availability is certainly a reason right now for as long as they are able to keep up.
  12. Taterhead

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    180 gr FPs in 10mm were $121/1000 shipped. My group buy cost was $100/1000. 115 gr RN were around $90/1000 shipped. I bought some for $76/1000 with the club buy.
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  14. And at least one with a little higher post count - me!

    I bought 1000 for either .40 or .45 (I forget which) but it may be a long while before I actually use them. I just took the opportunity to buy what I could get. Who knows how long this fiasco will last? Or what new laws California will enact.

  15. ShaneS

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    I have had good results with HP-38 with plated bullets for 9mm. I favor FMJ when I can find them for close to the same price as plated.
  16. I have used and have powerbond in 9mm and 45. Better than berries imo. Just got an order of 9mm 124 gr in about 2.5 weeks ago. The owner emailed me and told me what time they would be up on the website and I order 2k. look at the sight again about 2 hrs later gone.

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