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Power went out. Phone doesn't work. Car wont' start. You are at work.

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by DoctaGlockta, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Syclone538


    Jan 8, 2006
    To answer the question, the next thing I do is walk home.

    “I’m thinking that Suzy is right. Something IS really wrong!” Jim exclaimed. He looked at Mark, “Are you thinking
    what I’m thinking?”
    Jim nodded his head.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2012

  2. 20South


    Nov 18, 2002
    East of CBUS
    Everyone knows you go looting.
  3. 20South


    Nov 18, 2002
    East of CBUS
    ..and hence "The Karate Man" was born...
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2012
  4. Stay at work. Might as well stay on the job in case the lights come back on. If the boss says go home, bum a ride or use my feet.
  5. Hmmm.. wake up from a nightmare? WTF am I doing at work??
  6. stricky

    stricky Unknown to Me

    Jul 17, 2006
    What happened? Meaning if all electronics are dead... EMP, or am I out of gas and a car hit the unility pole out front?

    If it is an EMP we follow our family plan. I start hoofing it to the kids school to grab them and we all meet at home.
  7. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    May 15, 2011
    Steal a bicycle.
  8. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Watcher. Silver Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Acme proving grounds.
    Grab the bag and hop on the bike.'08.
  9. wjv


    Jan 17, 2002
    Pacific NW
  10. Captain Caveman

    Captain Caveman a.k.a. DaReaper

    Apr 12, 2003
    IF it's a SHTF situation...

    Family knows the plan.

    Cars will start since they are older 4x4's WITHOUT computers.

    Phones don't matter since the family knows the plan.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best...

    If it's not SHTF...Stay at work until shift is over and go home.
  11. Javelin

    Javelin Got Glock? Silver Member

    Feb 9, 2008
    N. Dallas
    I'd go to Starbucks & have a cup of coffee while it's still hot. ;)
  12. trashcat


    Mar 10, 2009
    Head down the food establishment on campus and drink the beer before it gets warm.

    This really isn't that rare where I live, we have a local power plant and only one fibre link the rest of the world. If there's a storm or a car crashes into a pole and some yahoo 150 mile away cuts the fibre with a backhoe AGAIN everything goes down. I also drive an old truck.
  13. Deployment Solu

    Deployment Solu Kydex Crafter

    Jul 18, 2007
    Everybody in my AO knows the plans and what to do. We have prepared and have a plan. Wait to see what is happening to see what we do next.
    An emergency is not the time to be learning new skills.
  14. I work at a local P.D. We have a giant Deisel generator with a very large amount of fuel. When I'm done with my shift, I walk two miles down the road and start my bug-in procedures (if warranted.)
  15. cowboy1964


    Sep 4, 2009
    It entirely depends on what is going on.
  16. Commander_Zero


    Sep 3, 2007
    Close the shop, put on my coat, walk home.
  17. Bilbo Bagins

    Bilbo Bagins Slacked jawed

    Sep 16, 2008
    You know, some people mentioned Stealing bikes and Looting in good fun, but I wonder how much time you have after the EMP hits to freely ride that bike or a scooter until you get clotheslined or swarmed by desperate people.

    I'm about 15 mile from home so its.

    Bicycle - maybe 45 minutes

    Scooter - 2 1/2 hours

    Brisk Walking - 5 Hours
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2012
  18. wjv


    Jan 17, 2002
    Pacific NW
    That's why I'll have 2 pistols with me.

    I have NO desire to shoot anyone BUT. . . .

    I am the only one in my family who is "in to" prepping, guns and such. If I die or can't make it home, the chances of my wife and daughters surviving goes down drastically.

    Therefore if someone attacks me while I'm trying to get home, they are posing a direct threat to my family. Hence I WILL defend my ability to get home (18 miles). As in, self defense. Not as in seeing someone with something I want or could use and killing them to steal what they have.

    Fortunately most of the way home for me is rather rural. Lots of back (45 mph) country roads so the closer I get to home, the less likely I am to run into mobs of desperate people.

    If I could fit a bike into the trunk of my Rio I would, but not even one of those folding bikes would fit. Probably if my trunk was 100% empty, but then I'd have to figure out a place for all the other stuff.

    My trunk is 50% full of "get home" supplies. No I won't be able to take it all with me, so I'll leave what ever I don't need for others to use. I have a lot of stuff that I may or may not use. If it's summer I'll leave the tarp shelter kit and rain gear behind and just rely on my Heat Sheets for night time warmth and protection from the elements. If it's winter, I'll be wearing the rain gear and taking the shelter kit with. And the scooter might get left behind as they are not that safe to ride in the rain. .

    I would hope to be able to get home in just one day. At first I would say, get out of work FAST and move FAST. Most people will spend an hour or two speculating with co-workers about "what's happening". 95% of them will probably have never heard of EMP. If the power is out and my computer/phone/car are dead, I'll leaving as fast as I can gear up.

    Once people realize how bad things really are, then you will need to slow down.

    - stop
    - scan the area in front of you for problems
    - proceed with caution
    - repeat

    If it gets bad, you might want to shelter during the day and travel at night.

    I have a compass and a detailed map of the county with me. I also have an LED flash light, a small radio and batteries all wrapped several times in heavy foil. Maybe that will protect them from the EMP. . . Maybe not

    If the radio is working, it might be useful to tell you if "the event" is local or national. A good AM radio at night can pick up signals via "skip" from many hundreds of miles away. And with no local stations on the air, reception should be easy if there are other stations out there.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2012
  19. 20South


    Nov 18, 2002
    East of CBUS
    I lived in SE NC at one point in my life and we had a small tornado blow through our town and take down power. According to the news reports, looting started just a few hours after.