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  1. Started off loading some 250 gr Hornady XTP's with Power Pistol because Hornady reported good performance and my experience reflects this.
    Well it's time to go cheaper for plinking, so I ordered some Missouri Bullet Company Cowboy #4 200 gr. RNFP. I would like to know a good starting load and max load for this bullet and Power Pistol. I'll call alliant this week and speak to a ballistican as well. Just looking for some feedback with this powder in .45 COLT.

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  3. Zombie Steve

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    My guess is that Power Pistol is a little too slow. Not to say it can't be done, but light charges of slower burning powder in that big of a case is likely to give you a really wide spread of velocities and incomplete combustion. If you're going to do it, get up closer to a full power load once you get an idea of the charge range from Alliant.

    Or... you could get some Trail Boss for light cowboy action type loads (fills the case well - works great with a 200 rnfp).
    The other powder I love for standard pressure .45 Colt is (hang on.. let me find my Geritol).... Unique. Not overly position sensitive, and just accurate as all get-out with lead.

    If you have a Blackhawk and desire semi-nuclear loads, look at 2400 (do not do this to a SAA clone... Ruger Blackhawk and old model Vaqueros only).

  4. JBnTX

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  5. Unique and Power Pistol are about the same burn rate from my sources.
  6. As C4W noted the two are close also in performance.
    I haven't loaded any 200 gr. with PP but have used 7.5 gr. of PP with 250 gr. SWC's.
    Excellent accuracy, I suspect that if Alliant did the work up their is the possibility of Ruger/ TC only loads for it. SJ 40
  7. For a 200g bullet what would you folks think of a powder like Bullseye or Green Dot? A bit faster powder than Trail Boss but it's in the neighborhood.
  8. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    Same range, but definitely slower. Lyman has it slower than even WSF.

    The thing about Trail Boss is it was engineered to look like cheerios


    and take up as much room in the case as possible. It was basically designed for old black powder rounds that now took smokeless powder (like .45 Colt). Bullseye and Green Dot might work well for light loads depending on how position sensitive they are. I don't know, haven't tried either one of them. There's just so much room in the case, the powder is going to be sloshing around. I have seen cowboy action shooters use cream of wheat to top off the powder charge and also filler from a couch cushion. I have a pretty strict rule about putting food or furniture in my loads, so I stick with Trail Boss or Unique (not super bulky, but not super position sensitive either).
  9. :rofl:

    When I was looking around the net for user feedback for Power Pistol with 45 colt, I seen Trail Boss and Unique come up more than anything else in regards to 45 COLT. I'm waiting on Alliant to get back with me. If I have to wait long, I'll probably just go pick up something more conventional for the caliber.
    I've been wanting to work up some subsonic .308 Winchester loads using Trail Boss for pig poppin' anyway.
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  10. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    Power Pistol might just work fine, but expect it to work better towards the top end (same with any mid-slow burning powder... Unique included). I've never used it for .45 Colt.

    It should fill up the case better than most, but let us know what Alliant says. It would be interesting to know.
  11. Will do.
    I've just been poppin off Winchester Cowboys for several years, but have not really been interested in the cartridge enough to reload for it until now. The good news is that I have plenty of brass for the Old style Ruger Vaquero's. I don't really have any interest in the Ruger only loads yet, as I usually carry either MY G-20SF or my Super Blackhawk when I'm stumbling through the woods.
  12. Zombie Steve,

    Thanks for the info, I have both Bullseye & Green Dot on the shelf so I was wondering if these could be used. I agree the problem I noticed is a LOT of empty space in the cartridge. Sounds like a salt shaker if you shake it up. An old timer friend of mine told me to just stuff some wadding in there... ya right.

    Anyway, thanks again. :wavey:
  13. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    The nice thing about the doughnut shaped powders is that even though it's a quick burner, it can hang at peak pressure slightly longer than regular flake or ball. As the outside is burning down and having less surface area, the inside is burning out and gaining in surface area. I just read an article on this concept applied to naval cannons. Interesting to ponder...

    Anyway, the quick burning powders are only going to need 3 or 4 grains to achieve the speeds you need. As long as it's accurate, I'd use it and be ok with it even though there's a huge extreme spread and standard deviation... won't matter at 25 yards, and unless you're using them for SD, then terminal ballistics is a moot point anyway.

    You can make a lot of powders, fast or slow, work in a lot of applications as long as you approach the loads with some common sense. It doesn't mean you'll get the best results, but you can make it work.

    But when it's all said and done and you're finished trying to kick water uphill, mayhap you should take a look at Unique in the .45 Colt. :supergrin:
  14. The cartridge was originally designed for 33 to 40 grains of black powder,depending on bullet used. I ,me personally would not use a filler of any kind with any smokeless powder nor recommend it's use, Ever but that's just me. SJ 40
  15. I figure I want about 900-1000 FPS from the 200 Gr bullet out of a 5.5" tube. If I decide to go hunting with my .45, I'll probably make a slightly hotter load with a 255 gr bullet to keep myself entertained.
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    C.E. Ed Harris has reported damage to chambers from the use of fillers. I think he was reporting on rifle calibers, but it is worth considering.

    Red Dot is a bulky fast powder. It's not as bulky as Trail Boss, but it is bulkier than most of the other fast burners.

    I don't own a 45 Colt so I don't know what works best in it. The Lee instruction sheet for the Autodisk powder measure gives volumes in cubic centimeters for various powders at different charge weights. It can be used to give some idea of which powders are bulkier for a particular use.

  17. Just admit it. You like it because it looks like Cherrios and you eat one every now and then.:dunno:
  18. If someone made a powder that looked and smelled like hops. Steve would be in heaven.
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    Eat, no. Mix into my Copenhagen... :embarassed:

    Nicole caught me sniffing Varget that one time. :embarassed:
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    Were her panties jealous?
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